Dutch Jewish rabbi calls a spade a spade

Dutch rabbi calls a spade a spade

Rabbi Josef Antebi blames Israel for street assault

We’ve gotten used to the braying of Israeli stooges and flag wavers claiming that “anti-Semitism” is on the rise.

These Israeli mouthpieces often take care to distinguish between “anti-Semitism” and other forms of racism, which they rarely mention and in which the state of Israel is a past master. For them the claim of rising “anti-Semitism” serves two main purposes.

The first is to bludgeon critics of Israel by linking the alleged “anti-Semitism” with the “delegitimization of Israel”. In addition, by claiming that “anti-Semitism” is on the increase, they hope to bolster the raison d’être of Israel as the last refuge for the world’s Jews who, according to Zionist ideology, are destined to be perpetually persecuted by gentiles.

We’ve mentioned previously the case of the failed US politician, Katrina Lantos Swett, who claimed that “anti-Semitism” is on the rise in Europe and tried to tie this to criticism of Israel.

Rabbi Josef Antebi blames Israel for street assault

More recently, Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British throne, warned that Britain was suffering from an “apparent rise in anti-Semitism”, although he also said that “other poisonous and debilitating forms of intolerance” may be on the rise as well.

However, it took a brave rabbi to call a spade a spade.

Rabbi Josef Antebi, 50, an Orthodox Jew who was born in Israel but lives in the Netherlands, told the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) that he had been assaulted on 23 June in Amsterdam by a young man who “had relatively dark skin and didn’t look very Dutch, or at least didn’t look like his family has been living in Holland for centuries”.

Antebi said he was kicked in the stomach by a driver who exited his car after nearly colliding with him. “He shouted negative things about my religion and about my people,” he added.

Th attack prompted the Dutch police to investigate whether this was a case of “anti-Semitism” or simply an argument about traffic that got out of control.

But Rabbi Antebi had a pretty good idea who was to blame. Referring to the kicks in the stomach he received from his assailant, he said: “I’m not surprised he did what he did, it’s human behaviour. The one to blame is the Zionist state, which is doing a lot of bad things to people.”

That’s one neat kick in the teeth of Katrina Lantos Swett and other Israel flag wavers bleating “anti-Semitism” day and night as a rearguard defence of the criminal state of Israel.

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