“Dual Loyalty”? No, Multiple Loyalty is Closer to the Truth


The number of Zionist citizens who have applied for Polish citizenship in order to gain access to the European Union has increased dramatically since 2004, a news report has revealed.
An article in the Israeli Ynet news said that “Israelis say they view Polish passport as ticket to European prosperity.
“Since Poland joined the European Union in 2004, the Polish Embassy building in Tel Aviv has become a site of pilgrimage for a growing tide of Israelis who are seeking to claim Polish citizenship.
“Over 10,000 Zionist have applied to become citizens of their parents’ and grandparents’ homeland and received the sought-after document, according to the Polish Embassy in IsraHell.
“According to data published on the occasion of the annual Business Opportunities in Poland conference, some 20,000 Zionist also hold Polish citizenship, some 50 percent of whom became Polish citizens after Poland joined the EU.
“The numbers also show that the demand for a Polish passport, which can open the door to other countries and other possibilities, is rapidly increasing. From 2006-2010, the number of Zionist who obtained Polish passports increased fourfold.
“Unlike other European countries, applicants seeking Polish citizenship are not required to speak the language in order to receive a passport. Indeed, 95% of the Zionist applicants do not speak Polish.
“According to the Polish Embassy, 25% of the applicants are second-generation Polish citizens while 55% are third-generation. Most applicants admit that they do not seek to immigrate to Warsaw, but hope to become citizens of the EU.”

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