Drone Attack on Outskirts of Tripoli Serious flaw in identifying targets


By: Moeen Raoof

Dear Friends,

You may recall, on Monday, 16 May 2011, right after our visit to the mother of the 19-year old Army recruit, a few hours after leaving the district outside Tripoli (estimate 20-30 Miles or so), when we returned to Tripoli for our meeting with the Fact Finding Commission, NATO Planes circled this location outside of Tripoli and let behind a layered trail of smoke circles. You may also recall it was a cloudy day as the photos attached show clearly. 

Shortly afterwards Drones launched missiles on a target that was almost dead centre of the smoke circles during the afternoon of the day.
While the significance of this is not immediately apparent, it begs the question why would NATO send in Four Manned Aircraft at considerable cost to its budget for the attack to take place about half an hour after the smoke circles are placed to indicate the location of the target, by unmanned Drones (UAV’s). Note that the smoke circles are layered one on top of the other in 4-rings. This means manned aircraft which presumably were fully armed with two making the rings while two kept watch and in support of the ring-makers, then left presumably returning to base in Southern Italy (most likely or a carrier off Libyan
International waters), without firing any missiles at any target on the day.
The only conclusion to reach in this case is that there is a very serious flaw with the operation of the unmanned Drones and the ability of the Operator sitting thousands of miles away to identify a target and to carry-out a successful attack without a “X” marks the spot indicator most at approximately 10,000 feet above. This means that Drones are a redundant asset in warfare and NATO is trying to justify it by ensuring targets are being identified prior to the Drone reaching the targeted area.
Can I please ask everyone to approach their Members of Parliament (MP’s), Congressmen, Senators, Politicians, etc., particularly in the NATO Member States to ask the crucial question as to why are manned aircraft being sent over a conflict zone only to return without firing any weapons, and marking the targets for Drone attacks, this is a waste of money and probably a justification for the (illegal), drones to be discarded once and for all as they are not reliable.
Kindly let me have your comments as I feel this is a very crucial issue and one we must address urgently, please study the photos carefully and reach your own conclusions of course but do act with haste, lives of many innocents in Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and other nations depend on our actions or non-actions.
Many thanks.

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