Dr Frankenstein’s Monster

by JB Campbell
Activist writer Bruce Campbell was recently interviewed by PressTV.
You will find a full transcript of the interview 
The article below, which contains some extra material, formed the basis of the interview.

israel mundo“America must stop being Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.”  —  JB Campbell

The American and Israeli Jews are worried that their power is slipping because of growing public awareness of their terrible achievements in the past, such as the destruction of Iraq. They were thwarted in their planned destruction of Syria and are now determined to show their power over at least sixty cowardly US senators to achieve the destruction of Iran.

The Jews here in America say they are a tiny minority – just two percent – yet they are able to control sixty percent of the US Senate in any important matter, such as maneuvering the US military to attack Iran – in the middle of negotiations! The Jews in America proved this in 1917 and 1941, despite the anti-war attitude of the American people back then. We waged total war against people the Jews didn’t like. Scores of millions died and much of the world was destroyed. The peoples of the world have never known peace since those horrible years.
They proved it in 1991 and in 2003. The Jewish Neo-Cons demanded total war against Iraq despite no hostile action by that country, which was totally destroyed.
The Jews are again showing their power over cowardly American politicians. Virtually overnight they are able to blackmail enough US senators to destroy another peaceful country with sadistic and aggressive sanctions. Sanctions, like surveillance, are a prelude to total war and are in fact a form of total war, as we saw with Japan, Germany and Iraq.
Like Iran, America has a Jewish problem.
The Jews have made the entire US Congress a laughingstock – except, no one can laugh at such a Frankenstein monster. The monster has slaughtered millions of innocent, normal people all over the world – over two million just in Iraq since ’91.
Dr. Frankenstein wants his monster to kill millions more.
Jewish power in America can only be ended by the American Defense Party, which is dedicated to shutting down the tyrannical federal government. It is tyrannical because it is controlled by Jews, who own the Federal Reserve, AIPAC and the Council on Foreign Relations. There is no other way to deal with these insatiable criminals who have seized control of the US government and have used it for a hundred years to kill millions of normal people and create a totalitarian world government.
They must be stopped forever and only the American Defense Party has the plan to do this. America must stop being Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.


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