Down but Not Defeated: Why the Truth Must be Told

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Elections in so-called democratic states” give us the illusion of choice while maintaining a status quo that sees the rich get richer and the poor scrambling to redefine their definitions of “rock bottom”.

In fact, the United States of America couldn’t be farther from being “the land of milk and honey” as it once proclaimed itself to be; its promise of wealth and stability, the oft-referenced yet seldom seen “American dream”, is undeniably buried in the realm of wishful thinking — for the majority of people, that is.

The good news is, that majority can no longer afford (quite literally) to stay complacent in the face of rampant financial exploitation by a ruling minority that knows no bounds to its powerlust. In his recent article, Economic Austerity in America: The Portland Community Begins to Fight Austerity, Shamus Cooke provides insight on how citizens are standing up to the hypocrisy and manipulations of America’s corporate elite:

“Those who caused the recession — Wall Street, the big banks and corporations — must be made to pay for it. The broader population can achieve this goal only if it is united and acts collectively. In Portland the first step was taken in this direction at this recent community meeting, where working people saw each others’ struggles as their own, understood the necessity of united action by the vast majority towards a common goal, and were inspired by the prospects of working together.”

And despite the mainstream media’s ongoing attempts to stifle news about the massive student protests that have been exploding in Montreal, Canada in recent months, the sheer scale of the actions and the determination of the protesters is only gaining momentum. As Richard Fidler wrote:

“The students have not been defeated… They have ignited a major debate in Quebec society, challenging neoliberal prerogatives and opening the prospect of “another Quebec” in which access to education will be a basic social need, available to all irrespective of income, and not a commodity for which access and content is a function of big business exigencies.” (See Defiant Quebec Students Reject Shabby Government Offer“)

Cutbacks in education are not going to solve the budget crisis, and what corporate media conveniently avoid mentioning is the reality that the bulk of government funds are being shoved indiscriminately into defense spending. The US/NATO war agenda has been guzzling up financial and human resources at unprecedented rates. According to Rick Rozoff:

“In the past seventeen years millions of troops from approximately 60 nations have served under NATO command in wars and post-war zones in several countries outside of the military bloc’s territory.” (See GLOBAL WARFARE: The Worldwide Deployment of NATO’s Global Expeditionary Force)

Indeed this inflated military agenda — now targeting countries like Iran, Syria, China, Pakistan and beyond — is hitting closer to home than many would like to believe:

“Syria may seem like an isolated conflict, but is in reality linked to us directly, regardless of where we live. Either we live in a nation that will be next, or a nation who will be further crushed under the hubris, power, and arrogance of an empowered Wall Street and London elite.” (See SYRIA: The Kofi Annan “Peace Plan” is a Ploy. The Unspoken Objective is “Regime Change” by Tony Cartalucci)

Understanding these links is crucial to having broad understanding of the geo-political forces at play, and what can be done to stop them. Global Research doesn’t shy away from exposing corporate exploitation and media manipulation; we confront it head on through in-depth and independent coverage of global events. In turn, our readers are helping the beacon of truth shine brighter by passing on the information, engaging in research and dialogue, and achieving real and sustainable empowerment.

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