Douma Eyewitnesses Debunk Fake Chemical Weapons Incident Narrative


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On Wednesday, Russia and Syria brought 17 Douma false flag CW incident eyewitnesses to OPCW headquarters in The Hague.
Their testimonies proved no CW incident occurred. No forensic evidence corroborates one.
Russia’s envoy to the OPCW Alexander Shulgin issued a statement, saying:

“Taking part in the news briefing (were) eyewitnesses of shooting of the footage that featured the fake pseudo-humanitarian action staged by the White Helmets and that provided grounds for the US/UK/French missile strikes at Syria on April 14,” adding:
“In all, there (were testimonies from 17 witnesses), including physicians who were right at the scene on that day. They recount(ed) the true story of the (false flag) incident.”
“(D)elegations (of OPCW member states got) first-hand evidence on the forged footage that misled the world community.”
“The briefing (was) organized in support of the OPCW fact-finding” Douma mission to investigate the alleged incident and report on its findings.
“(W)e had no doubt that the allegations of chemical use in Douma are a fabricated and provocative play staged by the so called White Helmets and Western media outlets.”
“We can prove that the video of the White Helmets is fabricated, and therefore there is no basis or validity to the signals of Western countries that this material is evidence of a chemical attack in the city of Douma.”

Facts on the ground don’t preclude new provocations.

“(T)he Americans are (again) threatening to use force again against Syria, but we will not allow it.”

As previous articles explained, Russian forensic experts visiting Douma, its residents, and doctors treating alleged CW victims reported no one affected by chemical toxins, just respiratory problems from smoke and dust inhalation following detonations of explosives.
Soil samples taken by Russian experts found no CW residues. Douma resident Hassan Diab, aged-11, one of the 17 witnesses in the Hague, explained the following:

“We were (in) the basement, and we heard people shouting that we needed to go to a hospital. We went through a tunnel. At the hospital they started pouring cold water on me” – referring to al-Qaeda-connected White Helmets involved in staging the fake incident.

Douma hospital emergency ward administrator Ahmad Kashoi explained

“(t)here were people unknown to us who were filming the emergency care.”
“They were filming the chaos taking place inside, and were filming people being doused with water. The instruments they used to douse them with water were originally used to clean the floors…”
“That happened for about an hour. We provided help to (the alleged victims) and sent them home. No one has died. No one suffered from chemical exposure.”

Hospital medical provider Halil al-Jaish said patients treated only suffered from respiratory problems because of smoke and dust inhalation, not CW exposure.
Other witnesses confirmed the same thing, including hospital doctors. The alleged CW incident was staged, not real, blaming Assad for what didn’t happened, used as a pretext for US, UK and French warplanes to terror-bomb Syrian sites.
The OPCW separately interviewed six of the 17 witnesses. It’s unknown what questions were asked or answers received.
The OPCW’s report on the alleged incident remains to be released. As explained in a previous article, if the organization supports the official falsified narrative, it’ll lose more credibility than already.
If it debunks the fake narrative, Syria and Russia will be falsely accused of sabotaging site evidence.
A Final Comment
As expected, Western media scoundrels ridiculed testimonies by 17 Douma eyewitness. Here’s a sampling of reports:
The NYT featured a Reuters report calling bona fide witness testimonies a “stunt.”
The Qatar dictatorship-controlled Al Jazeera reported the same falsified characterization, condemning legitimate testimonies as an “obscene masquerade.”
London’s Guardian used the same falsified language, claiming nonexistent evidence that other “victims (sic) exhibited symptoms consistent with a toxic gas attack” – a despicable Big Lie.
AP News said US, UK and French representatives “boycotted” Hague testimonies, calling them “nothing more than a crude propaganda exercise.”
Funded by billionaire Pierre Omidyar, complicit with CIA efforts to topple independent governments, The Intercept’s credibility is sorely lacking.
Reporting on Hague testimonies, it called genuine evidence presented an “underwhelming case.”
It disgracefully accused Russia of “undermining the credibility of (staged White Helmets’) video…”
It lied claiming witnesses brought to the Hague were under “extreme intimidation,” including “threats to harm their families if they made any mention of chemical weapons” – citing the disreputable London Guardian as its source.
It called public testimonies of 17 eyewitnesses “bizarre.” It turned truth on its head claiming “piles of dead bodies, some with foam on their lips…” There were none!
Other media scoundrel reports were just as disgraceful – repeating the falsified narrative, debunking hard truths.
It’s just a matter of time before another staged false flag CW incident occurs, more US-led terror-bombing to follow.
In the Hague, Kremlin envoy to the OPCW Alexander Shulgin said Russia “will not allow” further US-led terror-bombing on Syrian sites.
Will Russian actions back up his words? Much depends on it.

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