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First of all, an apology.  Last night I sent duplicates in items 3 and 4 rather than separate pieces.  Am including the missing piece below.

The second item of the three below is the one that was not sent yesterday.

The third item is about Israel’s plans for the upcoming flotilla.  Of course it will stop the boats!  But they will keep coming until they break the blockade.  Israel knows only the use of force.  This is worrisome not just for the flotillas and the activists on them,  but also for Sunday, June 5th, when Palestinian refugees from Lebanon, Syria, and perhaps other countries, as well as from the West Bank and possibly Gaza will once again march to Israel’s borders (where these exist) and boundaries (where there are no borders).  Unarmed refugees opposite highly armed Israeli soldiers and border police do not bode well for Sunday.  Let’s hope deeply that the worst will not happen.  Please not.

The 1st item is ‘Today in Palestine.’  This particular compilation has some very important items—the first, for instance, relates that Israel intends to Judaize names of streets and neighborhoods in Jerusalem.  There is also an item on Israel’s plans for its Bedouin in the Negev.  This is not the plan that was reported in tonight’s TV news, which said that Israel plans to build the Bedouin cities (or city?) and ‘encourage’ (read ‘force’) the Bedouins to give up their farming and husbanding days and live in confinement in small apartments, with no work and no land.

Do please read at least the summaries in this compilation.




Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Press Release


Ref: 49/2011

Date: 30 May 2011

PCHR Calls for Investigation into the Deteriorating Health Conditions of a Man Detained by ISS

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) calls upon the Office of the Attorney General to effectively investigate the serious deterioration in the health of Anwar Abu Ghanem, from Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. Ghanem was detained by the Internal Security Service (ISS) in Gaza City.  PCHR is concerned that Abu Ghanem might have been subjected to beating or torture by ISS members while in detention.

According to initial information available to PCHR, at approximately 21:00 on Friday, 27 May 2011, Anwar Isma’il Abu Ghanem, 46, from Block (1) in Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, who had been detained by the ISS in Gaza City, was admitted into Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, as he was suffering from cerebral bleeding.  He was immediately taken into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where he underwent surgery.  Abu Ghanem is still in the ICU.

According to Abu Ghanem’s family, he was arrested at his shop at approximately 19:30 on Thursday, 14 April 2011, by 3 persons wearing civilian clothes who did not introduce themselves. Those persons confiscated a personal computer, a laptop and 4 mobile phones from the shop.  On the same day evening, an ISS force arrived at Abu Ghanem’s house.  They searched the house and confiscated Abu Ghanem’s car and a video camera.  On 20 April 2011, Abu Ghanem’s son, 21-year-old Jihad, received a phone call from ISS officers who ordered him to bring US$ 2,000.  An ISS member took the money and handed a receipt to his son.

PCHR is concerned that Anwar Abu Ghanem might have been subjected to torture by ISS members.  PCHR calls upon the Attorney General’s office to investigate this incident and publish the results of investigation.

Public Document


For more information please call PCHR office in Gaza, Gaza Strip, on +972 8 2824776 – 2825893

PCHR, 29 Omer El Mukhtar St., El Remal, PO Box 1328 Gaza, Gaza Strip. E-mail:, Webpage


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3.   Tue 31 May 2011


Israeli military says will stop new Gaza flotilla


-Israel’s top general said on Tuesday the military is making preparations to stop a new aid flotilla that pro-Palestinian groups plan to dispatch in late June to the Gaza Strip in defiance of an Israeli naval blockade.

In the Gaza Strip, its Hamas rulers marked the first anniversary of a deadly Israeli raid on a convoy bound for the enclave by unveiling a memorial to the nine Turks killed by navy commandos who clashed with activists wielding clubs and knives.

“We are preparing for the flotilla in accordance with the orders of the Israeli government,” Lieutenant-General Benny Ganz, the military’s chief of staff, was quoted by an official as telling a parliamentary committee.

“We are preparing to stop it.”

The official, who briefs reporters on the deliberations of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, did not elaborate on Ganz’s testimony.

Israeli media have reported that commandos were revising their tactics in the wake of the May 31, 2010 raid that strained Israel’s relations with Turkey and drew international criticism that led to an easing of its land blockade of Gaza.

At a news conference in Turkey on Monday on the deck of the Mavi Marmara, the vessel where the confrontation occurred, a coalition of 22 pro-Palestinian activist groups called on governments to press Israel to avoid a repeat of the bloodshed.

The groups said 15 ships, including the Mavi Marmara, would be in the new flotilla, carrying 1,500 people from around 100 countries, humanitarian aid and construction materials.

Turkish leaders and the activists have termed Israel’s blockade illegal. Israel says the restrictions help prevent more weapons from being smuggled into Gaza, where Hamas, which has called for its destruction, has been in control since 2007.

Egypt eased travel restrictions for Gaza residents on Saturday, eroding the blockade, but a spokesman for the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla II” vowed to keep challenging it.

At the Gaza memorial ceremony, Hamas leader in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh criticised U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s appeal to governments to discourage activists from sending a new flotilla.

“We deplore these comments and we demand they be withdrawn,” Haniyeh said, urging the United Nations to “carry out its duties and commitments towards an occupied people.”

Organisers of the convoy, he said, must “press ahead and not hesitate, for the sake of their brothers in Gaza.”

(Writing by Jeffrey Heller, Additional reporting by Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza)

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