Dollar is a Lien on Your Kids & Property


Ever since the “ratification” of the 16th amendment and the creation of the “Federal Reserve note,” nothing that you purchase is truly yours.

(Editor’s Note: I can’t confirm this shocking information but provide it for discussion.) 


By Rich 

Henry Makow


Most people believe that when they buy something that they are the real owner of it. However, when you understand the truth about maritime law, you will clearly see how this is nothing more than a fraud.

Historically, when people used gold or silver as actual currency, ownership of the object purchased transferred from the seller to the buyer.

If a chair was purchased for $10 and the buyer paid in $10 worth of gold or silver, it was an even exchange and thus the buyer completely owned the chair.

Today this is no longer true.

In 1913, the 16th amendment authorized the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. The FED then created the “Federal Reserve Note” which is not a true currency at all.

Unknown to most, each U.S. dollar has a “lien of ownership” that follows it wherever it goes. This lien transfers ownership of anything purchased back to the institution that created it, i.e. the Federal Reserve Bank.

Article 1, section 8 of the U.S Constitution states that Congress alone has the right to “coin money”.

However, The FED is a private foreign bank and the U.S. dollar is not United States money.

Ever since the “ratification” of the 16th amendment and the creation of the “Federal Reserve note” nothing that you purchase is truly yours.

Ownership of all items purchased ultimately reverts back to the “Federal Reserve Bank” or (FED) due to the “lien of ownership” or “Maritime Hypothecation” that is attached to every dollar created by the fed.

“By 1938 the gradual merger procedurally between law and equity actions (i.e., the same court has jurisdiction over legal, equitable, and admiralty matters) was recognized. The nation was bankrupt and was owned by its creditors (the international bankers) who now owned everything — the Congress, the Executive, the courts, all the States and their legislatures and executives, all the land, and all the people. Everything was mortgaged in the national debt. We had gone from being sovereigns over government to subjects under government, through the use of negotiable instruments to discharge our debts with limited liability, instead of paying our debts at common law with gold or silver coin. (

Due to various sleights of hand beginning in 1852, a change from the Common Law over to Maritime Law took place. This change allowed the courts to take control of all commerce on land as it does on the seas.

Because we are under Maritime Law, humans themselves are now considered “a vessel on the seas”. This gives the government the right to ticket, tax and even deny people the right to a trial by jury and due process, effectively bypassing our guaranteed constitutional rights.

This Maritime Law now applies to money because of something called a “maritimehypothecation“.

Although characteristics vary under the laws of different countries, it can be described as:

1.   a privileged claim, 2.   upon maritime property, 3.   for service to it or damage done by it, 4.  accruing from the moment that the claim attaches, 5.   travelling with the property unconditionally, 6.   enforced by an action in rem.

This “lien” is both secret and invisible. It normally applies to ships at sea, but since all humans born in the U.S. are now also considered a “vessel on the sea” and a “Corporation” we also fall under this jurisdiction, as does our currency.

How are we considered a “vessel on the sea” you’re probably wondering???

When a ship pulls into a dock (in the water), it is assigned a “berth” which is “the space allotted to a vessel at anchor or at a wharf”. The ship is also assigned a “berth certificate”. Currency is exchanged for the offloaded goods delivered via the dock to the country taking ownership of said goods.

Every human being is born out of water from their mother’s womb. The mother is sent to the delivery room to be delivered by the doctor (dock), and afterward the child receives a birth certificate by the country of birth which now indicates that person as a citizen.

The child is literally owned by that country. How?

The doctor (dock) is paid with Federal Reserve notes, which contain the lien of ownership upon every dollar created, so even a child being delivered from his or her mothers womb becomes the property of the institution that created the currency, in this case, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.

This means that the Federal Reserve Bank literally and legally owns everything purchased with those dollars, including you!!

Because this lien is both secret and invisible and is attached TO the currency used to pay the doctors, hospital and staff for the service of delivering the child.. anything that the “dock” delivers now also falls under that maritime hypothecation of secret lien.

Like any lien, they can call it in at ANY time for payment. In this case, they have taken ownership not only on all things purchased with THEIR fake Federal Reserve Notes, but upon every CHILD delivered by a doctor paid with those same Federal Reserve Notes.

Add to that the fact that everyone’s birth certificate is also sold on the stock market for 1 million dollars to secure loans from the Rothschild controlled banks (like the world bank for example) and we are all once again, unknowingly owned via these fraudulent instruments, unrevealed contracts and secret maritime liens being held on all Federal Reserve Notes.

Then with the establishment of the Federal Reserve act of 1913, they literally took OWNERSHIP of ALL things by tricking people into using their evil and corrupt “federal reserve notes” with it’s built in “lien’ on every dollar ultimately giving the FED ownership of EVERYTHING purchased or ALL services exchanged with the use of THEIR sick corrupted money.

The implications of this knowledge are truly staggering, because it means that you actually ownnothing at all, and that you merely rent or lease everything that you purchase with this “toxic” currency.

THIS is why the bankers, governments, CPS and numerous other agencies are treating the American public like cattle, sheep or a mere product.. because that is precisely how they view all humans.

Add to that the fact that they have attached these secret liens to every U.S. dollar, other unrevealed contracts such as your drivers license, passports, social security cards and many more, and that you’re all caps name has been used to create a fictional corporation which now brings you under the jurisdiction of the Federal United States Inc. as opposed to the Continental United States and you can see how we have all been duped on multiple levels by these evil and twisted Luciferian bankers into being enslaved by them without ever being aware of it.


“They Own it All, Including You” by Ronald Mcdonald and Robert Rowen MD

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