Does the “NATO Free” Libyan Goverment Overshadow America

Libya Yesterday

 At Home, Romney Builds a “New Self” of Dung Stacked High

 The reality of being a Mormon candidate, you can’t drink a Coke because of the caffeine but you can take $100 million from the earnings of prostitutes to pay for your “expenses.”  We call that “moral flexibility.”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

During the entire struggle for independence, hundreds of “independent journalists,” some paid up to $15,000 per day by Colonel Gaddafi, others working for the Washington-Israeli axis were publishing wild stories about heroic Libyan freedom fighters.  To them, all were Al Qaeda or Navy SEALS or both.  No reason or rationale was crazy enough as long as money flowed.
Their stories, in the thousands, discredited themselves and proved that the “independent media” was unaccountable to fact, Islamophobic, greedy and willing to back in monster in order to express rabid anti-Americanism.  Not one photo of an American was ever taken, no Al Qaeda were seen, only endless thousands of Israeli hired mercenaries, hired to murder for Gaddafi, filled prison camps for months.

Gaddafi is dead, or most likely dead, as nothing we see, less we hear and nothing we read can be depended on anymore.  I mourn his passing as I think nostalgically of him as a Cold War holdover, a “larger than life” political theorist who borrowed too much from East Germany, guaranteeing a long rule but at a cost to individual rights and freedoms, misrepresented by some as “benevolence.”
Gaddafi wasn’t Stalin but an opponent of Gaddafi was anyone who failed to give him undying blind support and such failure would cost, beatings and even death.  Thus my criticm of those who saw his dollars and failed to recognize the brutality or the simple fact that “rule for life” is wrong.
Video below, Israeli hired African mercenaries put in a zoo and fed flags, as reported by Russia Today.  The irony?  The video proves foreign death squads were supplied to Gaddafi buy his “pretend Zionist enemy,” making every word out his mouth a lie.  The lesson?  Stay home!

Are we also talking to Saudi Arabia and more than one or two other regimes as well?
Yesterday, as the new president, an interim office, Mohammed el-Magerif took office and the people hit the streets, I searched Google for responses from fringe media that had supported Gaddafi.
40 pages in, after the money stopped, so did the coverage, there was nothing.  Perhaps orders are coming slowly from Israel or Russia or the bank accounts the Gaddafi family has around the world are opening slowly.  Yesterday belonged to the Libyan people as the video above displays.  There will be car bombings, political and ethnic rivalries, kept in check by 41 years of totalitarianism.
But who is America to talk, two consecutive Nixon elections, both rigged, two consecutive Bush (43) elections rigged as well and our current obscenity, a Mormon candidate for president, sworn to represent Israel above America and financially supported by cabal of drug runners, whore mongers, gamblers and international financial criminals.
I wonder how the Mormon Church manages to explain “their” candidate and Sheldon Adelson?  Actually, hypocrisy is the foremost aspect of Mormonism, a religion that, only in 1979 declared “the Negro” a human being.  You didn’t know that?
In order to understand Romney, you must understand his recent trip to Israel, one of the debacles of all time.  Sheldon Adelson is the man who paid for it and has agreed to fund all GOP candidates with unlimited cash.  Please Google the name “Sheldon Adelson.”
Actually, Romney’s “start in business” involved borrowing money from known mass murderers in El Salvador.  The initial and still major investors in Bain continue to be those who ran the Death Squads and the murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero.  Romney backers are cited with the murder of at least 85,000 people, killed to increase Bain profits and underwrite Bain investments.  Amy Goodman of Democracy now and Huffington Post give the results of their investigation:

Back in Libya, the imaginary NATO “take-over” never happens.  There are no NATO troops in Libya, but the real story is even more interesting.  The American and British companies that Gaddafi brought into Libya in 2003, something lied about with consistency in the “fringe media’ have been thrown out of Libya.

Replacing them, initially is a flood of Russians with Gazprom, the Russian oil giant replacing many of the western companies brought in by Gaddafi.
Video from Britain on Blairs shock at Gaddafi’s new plight, one that threatened BP and BAE’s control of Libya under Gaddafi:

Here is one of the few videos left that tells of American and British partnership with Gaddafi.  Little is reported of the degree of Gaddafi participation in Bush era renditions.  When one takes into account that 99.99% of those the rendition programs of Bush, Blair and Gaddafi were innocent and most are missing and dead, numbering in the tens of thousands, killing Gaddafi and leaving Bush, Blair and their associates free does lend clear ammunition to those who find America’s justice hypocritical:

In fact, investigations show Libya the most active nation in support of the “war on terror,” supplying most of the “terrorists” that were flown from Tripoli to torture and mass murder camps around the world.  Were this honestly reported along with Gaddafi’s representatives meeting with Israeli supporters continually, even days before Gaddafi’s death, including private Bush envoy, David Welch, on a personal mission for the Bush family whose finances are fully intermingled with those of the Gaddafi’s.
One reason we include pieces of Romney history with Gaddafi, other than their obvious delusional personalities is that of overall misreporting of fact.  Journalism, were it to begin some day to actually be practiced, would be based on truth.
To replace journalism, we continue to use a form of wartime propagandizing, “kill the jap or hun or yankee or tory or redskin or gook” or whatever the flavor of the day “head on a wall” Wall Street is using as our enemy of choice seems to be.
To Romney, it was growing rich on the mass murder of nearly 100,000 coffee workers along with their wives and children in El Salvador.  This and decades of corporate raiding, shipping jobs overseas and shuffling cash into offshore accounts to evade taxes (not avoid) is his personal portfolio.
For Gaddafi it was something else.  At times he was a dreamer, a speaker of truth when all others were silent but his failing was time itself.  His had run out as it does with most.  Sometimes you look at your watch, pack your bags and get on the bus.
Pride kept him from seeing that and tens of thousands died.  His defense was to seek the marginalized “pimps” of the fringe movements, a combination of the uninformed, the delusional and low level media whores.
All the big money media whores were reporting on the other side.
Who spoke for the people?  If anyone did, it was simply accidental.  Was the UN right?  Was it right to stop the slaughter of Libya through use of power?  Didn’t two American presidents, Carter and Reagan both do the same thing or worse in Central America and, worst of all, Carter has a Nobel Peace Prize, now seen as proof of duplicitous war mongering as much as other Nobel Prizes are seen as signs of incompetence and self aggrandizement.
The questions are always the same, who are the hypocrites and will they win or lose.  Today it seems as though the hypocrites lose in Libya.  Back in America, it is never between the honest man and the hypocrite but which hypocrite is the worst?
Without the death squads and Sheldon Adelson, Obama’s continuation of the war in Afghanistan should bury him.
Should we be thankful that medium great in-effort is exceeded by endless evil and malevolence?
Ah, the choice of living in a pure democracy….

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