Does Joe Biden Really Have Cancer?

By: Jack Heart

President Biden Says He Has Cancer In What Could Be Health Announcement or Monumental Gaffe – Imagine this, the crusty old bastard is so demented no one knows whether he really has cancer, or he’s just rambling like when he was a truck driver or graduated at the top of his class with 3 degrees. How convenient now that he has throttled the economy and left this country on the brink of a catastrophic war with a militarily and economically superior opponent, he will play the cancer card. Poor old Uncle Joe let’s pray for him. This is an ideal way out for the scumbags at the CIA who sold this country out to the globalists and installed as the head of state perhaps the most corrupt creature that ever prowled the DC swamp.

I’ll tell you this right now, they may tell you he died but he won’t die. He’ll spend the next twenty-five years of his life sequestered on a tropical island high on designer drugs and flush with a pump-up penis, torturing preteen girls, the same thing he did as Vice president. These fucks got about hundred-year shelf life, Rockerfeller, HW Bush, and Kissinger all attest to that. Cancer is not a fatal disease to them it’s their internal organs that finally give out.

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