Does ‘Israel’ expect roses from the Palestinians?

Amnesty report claims Israel 'kills,' 'tortures' Palestinian ...

Dear Editor,

An Israeli soldier was killed on Tuesday morning during a pre-dawn raid near the Palestinian West Bank city of Jenin. The soldier was hit with a rock thrown off a rooftop that struck him in the head, according to (May 12, AP story). 

In Israel, these incursions are called raids but in the rest of the world it is known as “looting and robbery.”What does Israel expect from the Palestinians after it declared it will “annex” their land/homes? Roses? The brave people of Palestine are defending their lands with rocks against a ruthless military occupation funded by the USA that has jet fighters, tanks, helicopters, M-16’s, and other high-tech weapons. 

Why would ANYONE tolerate the theft of their land? Americans do not support the Russian seizure and annexation of Crimea which was taken by force from Ukraine. Why treat Israel differently? Annexing the West Bank does not make the occupation legit.

his is reminiscent of David and Goliath. Stones vs guns. We all know the story of Goliath who bragged that he could defeat any soldier in the Israelite army. Goliath laughed at David when he saw him small and young. Even though Goliath was armed with a sword and spear, David stood up to him. He put a rock in his sling and swung the rock at Goliath’s forehead. Goliath was gone once and for all.

I wonder if this rock in Palestine is available on E-bay.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph

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