Do you want to know some of the criminals of Krazi Palestine and his traitor paralyzed?

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Yousef Abudayeh

Do you want to know some of the criminals of Krazi Palestine and his traitor paralyzed?Killers trained by Dayton and the Zionists and creatively criminals….This is literally the indictment that followed today on the accused in the first court hearing:In the investigation, it was found that on 24/6/2021 and around 24/6/2021 in the morning, a force from the preventive security service in Hebron governorate, consisting of the fourteen accused, to arrest the victim Nizar Khalil Muhammad Banat, based on a warrant issued On 23/6/2021 pm and a warrant issued by the Civil Prosecution Office addressed to the Hebron Police Director issued on 4/5/2021 pm by the Chief of Public Prosecution / Dora, where the victim was located in the southern region in Jabal Johar Hara Cockroach in a rental house, where the force that moved four vehicles, one of them is a government silver car, the second Peugeot (306) silver color, the third skoda fabia white and the fourth type Residential color Polo, to the house with the victim and once they arrived at the house, a number of them opened the window wages with an iron crowbar and entered the house, and they did not know about themselves, and opened the door to the rest of the force, and two accused of heading to the Witnesses who were sleeping next to the victim, sprayed them with pepper gas, put guns on their heads and asked them after moving or getting off the brush.

Meanwhile, a member of the force had headed to the victim’s brush and was holding an iron crowbar in his hand after being confirmed Whoever the victim identifies him more than once with the iron crowbar, then he hit him with the rest of his body, then the rest of the accused who entered the house jointly hit the victim wildly with the victim Hills, sticks, gun heels, hands and legs, pulling him off the mattress he sleeps on the floor, undressing his top (blouse and vanilla), assaulting him while he was sleeping on his back, and they turned him on his stomach, and putting the iron shackles in his hands From the back, while continuing to hit him, then sprayed him directly with gas while he was tied up, and then one of the defendants who was wearing a protective security slogan, said to them ′′ Kamlou ′′ and they actually proceeded to assault him and then they Lift him and hit his head with a building pillar (candle) inside the house, then they took the victim out of the house, so they fell on the door, so they pulled him off his feet outside and drove him towards vehicles, then he entered the house again about five Accused, searched and confiscated a laptop, camera stand, phone, and ownership of the victim was in the apartment, and the victim couldn’t stand on his feet while getting out of the house so they caught him and took him out to The Polo residential color, as it continues to be attacked during his escalation to the vehicle, and one of the defendants hit the victim with his hand and his leg, and they continued to assault him, and during the vehicle’s move, one of the defendants, who was holding a gun in his hand, returned to the vehicle.

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The polo in which the victim is assaulted by the heel of the gun by getting his hand into the rear window and hitting him with the heel of the gun several hits and force left the place at around 3:23 am and headed to the Department of Preventive Security in Hebron and the residential polo vehicle arrived at the Hebron Directorate of Preventive Security at about 3:32 am, and they entered the victim inside the Surat of the Directorate and stopped in front of the main directorate building and opened the vehicle doors and did not remove the victim from The Polo vehicle they brought him in for more than three minutes, then they removed him from the vehicle, carried him from his hands and feet, and placed him at the entrance of the Department of Preventive Security. One of the accused contacted another suspect who was near the entrance of the directorate and reported a case The victim called the director of operations and reported the case of the victim immediately asked them to be taken to the hospital, but the accused inserted the victim from his hands and legs into the directorate and placed him in the reception hall on the first floor.

The victim stayed for five minutes in the hall and then transferred him around 3:46 am to Hebron Governmental Hospital (Aaliyah) where they reached the hospital around 3:50 am and admitted him to the emergency department and there was no any Vital signs of life on the victim and was attempted CPR for more than forty minutes by doctors to announce his death afterwards, and after performing anatomical attribute, the cause of death is the injury (trauma) caused by multiple injuries Which caused severe respiratory heart failure, and those accused have also violated the sustained instructions by the leadership of the Preventive Security Service based on the code of use of force and firearms for Palestinian security forces affiliates issued by the Minister of Interior in 2011 The instructions of the Director of Operations and the Director of Preventive Security in Hebron Governorate to transfer the victim immediately to the hospital.

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