What you think about government plans to slash spending? Do you think all the cuts are inevitable? Do you trust the government to do it in the fairest way? Should 38 Degrees be speaking up and trying to influence the debate?
Huge decisions about cuts are going to be taken in the next few weeks. If we want to make our voices heard, now’s the time to start speaking up.
Please join the conversation and share your ideas for what 38 Degrees could be doing about cuts.
You can join the conversation on the 38 Degrees Facebook page:
Or if you don’t use Facebook, share your thoughts on the blog:
Stop wasting money on Trident nuclear weapons? Crack down on wealthy tax dodgers? Make sure the poorest don’t feel the most pain? If thousands of 38 Degrees members came together to push one powerful demand, we’d make it very hard for the government to ignore us. 
We can team up with other organisations. We can pile pressure on our MPs. We can cause a stir in the media. We can run hard-hitting adverts to get lots of people on our side. But we can only do any of these things if enough of us want to get involved. So first we need to decide together.
Later this week we’ll vote on the most popular suggestions and together choose what we should campaign about. Please help decide today what we should do next:
On Facebook:
On the Blog:

Thanks for being involved,
David, Hannah, Johnny, and the 38 Degrees team

PS: In a few days 38 Degrees members from across the country will vote on the best suggestions. So if you have ideas about what 38 Degrees should do about the cuts please share them now on

Facebook: or the Blog: 

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