Do the right thing: release Muhdalina Ahmad

Photo: Muhdalina Ahmad, 28, young mother of two young babies, who was shot while protesting with a sword near the office of the Prime Minister
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The advice for the Malaysian government to ensure that the conditions become ripe for the Malaysian Spring, is do not release the young heroine Muhdalina Ahmed, and ensure she becomes another martyr.
Already those with hearts and brains to think for themselves have much sympathy for the two protesters who brandished swords outside the Prime Ministers office in order to bring attention the malaise in Malaysia.
They have been successful. The friends of the two, who were mercilessly gunned down by police, evidently in panic without any proper command and control nor even a loudspeaker, are also standing firm with them.

Do this lovely couple look like extremists to you?

These friends are not revolutionaries, anarchists, or extremists. They are normal Malay Muslims, and include many women in the older generation, judging by comments received at Mathaba and by various online blogs.
All the evidence thus far, in spite of the attempts of Malaysian government subservient media to malign the image and characters of the two protesters by way of outright disinformation mixed with selective bias, is that the two are at worst guilty of carrying swords in public and smashing two parked car windscreens.
The smashing of the windscreens was apparently done to attract attention to their protest, and what their actual protest was has been unclear due to the inept handling of the entire affair by the police, who should be facing numerous questions and demands for releasing the CCTV footage of the incident.
The following scenario is not implausible, given the information we pieced together from various sources. Unless the police and other authorities can provide plausible evidence to the contrary, they should concentrate on fixing the incompetent police and emergency services, and ease off on the poor victims.
Political Background

Khalil Afandi Hamid

Khalil Afandi Hamid, not unlike famous blogger Raja Petra “RPK” is someone unafraid to think and to speak out. Like millions of Malaysians, he is acutely aware of the injustice within society and its distance from the teachings and example of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Peace be upon him). It takes a religious scholar to attempt to show the opposite, but everyone else sees clearly.
Malay Muslims and Chinese non-Muslims, not only Indian Muslims or radicals and opposition parties, can see the corruption, lack of transparency and accountability, the perversion of Malaysia Boleh(Malaysia can do) into a situation where all crimes are possible by the rich and powerful, especially if having their name prefixed by Dato, and the deprived cannot get any justice.
It is thus that, unsupported by their respective marriage partners, Khalil Afandi Hamid, who may well have died a martyr and Muhdalina Ahmad, who may be about to become a living martyr by the actions of the police and their superiors, discussed the wrongs over the past four months and both agreed that they should take some form of action.
Being non-political and uncompromisingly non-sectarian (a trait of true Islam contrary to the bastardized versions being taught in most places outside Africa, such as in Malaysia where Islam is held to be an automatic religion for Malays and the Malay race are held to be automatically Muslim and non-Malays assumed to be non-Muslim), the two have no political affiliations.
Whether or not those with political affiliations and objectives to encourage and/or seize upon events in order to sweep their puppets into power were involved in encouraging this incident and the shooting, remains to be seen. It is not implausible that given the open nature of the web activities of the two bloggers that the intelligence agencies were alerted and then as so often, misused the intel.
The opportunistic use of the suicide of the vegetable salesman in Tunisia who sent himself to hell by setting fire to himself in protest at corruption that even refused to allow him to make a meagre living undisturbed in selling his vegetables, in order to sweep into power a zionist-globalist puppet regime and give rise to the fall of all the governments in the region, is a prime example of this.
The incompetence, corruption and contradictions within society epitomised in the current government of the day in a country targeted for “regime change”, in order to replace current subservient rulers with others that are sold lock stock and barrel (e.g. Anwar Ibrahim), is seized upon, and not necessarily via one single incident, but by a series of events. The desired result is achieved.
Al-Qaida Free to Enter Malaysia
As Khalil Afandi Ahmad and his friends were apparently very much aware, as are many thinking and educated Muslims, the Al-Qaida and similar outfits are creations of intelligence agencies in the service of theglobal capitalist elite, world zionism and their allies. Those are the terrorist armies that do the bidding so that those in power can tighten their grip even further.
Who pays for this is of course the public, who suffer the consequences. A fact not known to the Malaysian public, but known to us as we have our eyes and ears open as investigative media, is that there are Al-Qaida supporting waiters working in Penang’s large tourist eating places such as the Red Garden. If we know of this there, what about in other tourist spots across the nation?
Coupled with a media that is paid to sleep, police that are corrupt and security forces that are negligent, politicians that are self-serving and teachers that are ignorant, what hope is there for the required awareness to prevent a series of atrocities that would spark mass unrest, chaos and panic in the nation, and lead to a further regression in human rights and freedoms.
Al-Qaida and similar terrorists can now easily enter Malaysia thanks to the stupidity of the Malaysian foreign ministry which was eager to earn brownie points with the western predator powers. By recognizing the TNC regime in Libya, Malaysia is one of the few countries that has enabled “islamist” terrorists a free reign to roam the globe on diplomatic passports issued by Libya.
Diplomats enter Malaysia unchecked, as that is the law. Any attempt to search diplomats are reminded swiftly of their obligation to let diplomats pass unhindered and without luggage checked. It has always been assumed that government representatives or personnel are not going to be terrorists. This is now no longer the case, since Libya 2011.

Rats with passport
Libyan terrorist rats overjoyed they can now enter any country on diplomatic passports

It is only a matter of time before these horrors reach Malaysia, if the warnings of Khalil Afandi Hamid are not heeded. He simply brandished a couple of swords in order to talk truth to power, perhaps to warn of these dangers among other things mentioned on his blog, demolished a couple of car windscreens to draw attention before being shot for the crime of damaging private property.
Likely Scenario
Returning to the heroic young protesters who snubbed the prostituted religious elite, the ignorant teachers, the self-serving politicians, and who succeeded in driving the final nails into the coffins of various Malaysian media, as well as showing yet again the unbridled powers of police to do as they please without sanction, accountability nor transparent investigation:
Unknown is how they spent the week before embarking upon the journey to the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, but we will assume they wanted to protest the state of the economy, their unemployment, and the fact that the lazy and well connected get richer while the hard working and disenfranchised get poorer by the hour.
In order to gain access to the outside grounds, the couple whipped out their swords. The unarmed guards thus obliged allowing them to pass into the grounds relatively unhindered. Within the grounds, without making any attempt to enter the Prime Ministers Office which was perhaps 100 meters away, they drew attention to their protest by smashing two car windscreens.
Let us remember that swords were standard attire not that long ago in Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia. There is historic and cultural significance and also within the history of Islam, where swords generally preceded guns after the Chinese later invented gun powder. Thus a sword should not in itself evoke the great panic among those who are armed with guns such as the police.
Armed police arrived, adding to the confusion caused by existing police and guards shouting various commands at the two sword bearers, which presumably ranged from “stop smashing those cars!”, to “put down your swords!”… “what is your problem?!” to “stop or you’ll get shot!” None of it via any one speaker, nor via any loudspeaker. Random angry shouting here and there.
After barking a few more panicked orders and commands, the military police decided, without any imminent threat to life other than the windscreens of other parked cars, to open fire, calmly, one shot, pause aim, two shots, pause, aim, third shot. Aiming to disable the protesters before they damaged more private property. Missing limbs with one bullet entering Khalil’s abdomen.

Shot by police
Khalil shot & left to die from his wounds

A phone rings immediately after, and one of the observers reports calmly and coldly, yes, he is shot. This and other facts, such as who shouted loudly “Shoot… shoot… retreat… retreat…” as well as a disclosure of the video footage will show if our above scenario is correct, including that no hostage was taken, and there was no imminent threat to anyone’s life at the time of shooting while they were busy damaging empty cars.
On Khalil’s blog, on his short profile page, he made it clear that he does not like the military police. After their blowing up of a young Mongolian woman with C4 explosives and not blowing the whistle on those who issued the orders to them, presumed to include the current Prime Minister, in the hope of having their death sentences commuted, they aren’t popular.
Now the military police, right outside the Prime Ministers office, shoot these protesters, the man dying of his wounds, and the lady now laying injured in hospital. If that is not poetic justice in bringing further attention to Malaysia’s military police and Prime Minster, then what is.
Cover-up and denial
Immediately, the system then goes into cover up and denial mode. Covering up via statements designed to cast all attention onto the two victims, the lone protesters, rather than on the police and their bungling of the incident and their failure to provide any assistance to save the life of Khalil while he lay on his back unattended waiting for an ambulance to arrive.
Denial in relying upon local subservient and incompetent media to conduct a white-washing operation to deflect attention from, and avoid asking any serious questions of the police, and in blackening the image of the victims, to the extent that the families and friends of those victims will have field day in libel charges against various journalists, as well as compensation by the police.
Instead of providing Muhdalina Ahmad with counselling to assist her in overcoming the trauma of the event, and allowing her family and friends unfettered access, and in laying charges against her for anything other than smashing a car windscreen and carrying a sword in public, with no intent to kill, they isolate her and may even wish to commit political suicide by prosecuting her.
The right thing to do would be to avoid inflicting a life of pain and suffering upon two young babies who need the love of their mother, and to release her without charge. Not do to so will only encourage the next protesters to use C4 rather than swords.
Meanwhile, the real terrorists remain undetected, the real Al-Qaida can enter Malaysia freely, and ahead of the elections a number of incidents can cause a chain of events to be set into motion, and the government with its failure to handle the events, and instead just do more of the same: silence, crack down, punish the messengers, will seal its fate, but also that of Malaysia’s stability.
Or will a miracle occur and the arrogant political leadership release Muhdalina to her family with an apology and a warning not to carry swords again without a license, cooperate with the Mongolian investigators about to arrive in Malaysia regarding the murder by the PM’s police of a young lady, and cooperate with the inquiry into the french submarine purchase corruption?
Dismiss the police from the force or even punish them for breaking the law by not rendering assistance to a wounded person that posed no threat to them, unarmed and lying on his back while they joked around, shake up the ambulance service that doesn’t like the sight of blood, allow a commission of inquiry into the Malaysian gutter press, and work toward a national consensus?
If the experience of all other countries that fell to those who wish for chaos and destruction as well as for weak compliant regimes and constantly switching flexible alliances is anything to go by, then the Malaysian “leadership” is doing exactly the same things that will lead to the same fate for Malaysia. This is why Khalil advised West Malaysians migrate East.
He said the chaos and disorder is coming, and that in the midst of this the Mahdi will lead the Muslims and righteous people. He thought it will reach Malaysia later this year, and that he will not live to see it. There are now many more who believe him.
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