Disqualify “The White Helmets” for an Oscar


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The Syria Solidarity Movement® advises disqualification of the film “The White Helmets” for a 2017 Academy Award.  It has been nominated in the category of Short Documentary.

The problems with this film

  1. It is more infomercial than documentary. The filmmakers never set foot in Syria..
  2. Much of the footage, including the opening scenes, appears staged, with sound effects, and may not be from Syria. The White Helmets have made faked scenes of this type.  The lighting is always perfect, as well as the camera work. There are never body parts or ghastly wounds.  The authenticity is completely unverified.
  3. Claims that the “White Helmets” are apolitical volunteers are false. White Helmet leaders actively campaign for US/NATO military intervention. They operate only in areas controlled by the armed opposition, primarily al-Nusra/al-Qaeda.
  4.  The White Helmets organization is a creation of foreign powers supporting the war to overthrow the Syrian government. It was initiated by James Le Mesurier, a British military contractor, with major funding from the UK, US, and other countries, now more than $100 million for this “volunteer” organization. The “White Helmets” brand is managed by a New York marketing company called “The Syria Campaign”, directed by an Anna Nolan, an Irish American who has never been to Syria. This is a media campaign, with the Netflix film being one of their promotions.
  5. The White Helmets stole the name Syrian Civil Defense from the legitimate organization of this name which has existed since the 1950s and which is a founding member of the International Civil Defense Organization. When terrorists invaded Aleppo in 2012, they stole equipment and killed volunteer rescue workers of the authentic Syrian Civil Defense.
  6. Claims that “White Helmets” are unarmed are untrue. Photos and videos show their members carrying arms and celebrating al-Nusra/al-Qaeda military victories.
  7. Claims that the White Helmets have saved 80,000 lives are nonsense and totally unsubstantiated.
  8. When the Syrian army recaptured east Aleppo in 2016, nearly all the civilians (of east Aleppo) rushed into the protection of government-controlled areas. The civilians described abuse by the “terrorists” and how civilians who tried to flee had been killed by the armed groups. These civilians described how the “White Helmets” prioritized support to the armed fighters and did little to help civilians.
“The White Helmets” film is typical of the disinformation and deceit in the war on Syria. For detailed information see Jan Oberg’s extensive articleJust How Grey are the White Helmets and Their Backers?. See also the video The White Helmets – Al Qaeda with a Facelift“.

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