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(image by Lily Martin)
(image by Lily Martin)
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Lilly Martin, an American who is married to a Syrian and has lived in the Alawite border region with Turkey for twenty-one years, sent me this email today, after I enquired about the taking of a village by Islamists:

“My only home for 21 years has been Latakia, Syria.  This is 1 hour drive time from the Turkish border at Kassab.  Kassab is a tiny Armenian village which was founded by refugees of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey, which began in 1915.  It has 3 Armenian churches of historical importance.  It is famous in Syria for being a “Summer-Mountain-Retreat”.  People come from all over Syria to either rent a house, or a Hotel room, and many have their own summer cottages there.  Before the current crisis, Kassab used to be full to overflowing in the summer with Saudi Arabian families who made the drive there.  The attraction is the remoteness, the isolation, the quiet, and the coolness because of the high elevation.  There are no strategic, or important features about Kassab, other than a summer retreat.  There are no military faclities, or Army camps, of anything there.  There is one small police station, which looks like Andy Griffith’s “Mayberry” Police station.   I want you to understand, that Kassab is nothing, it is not important to anyone on earth, unless you happen to be an Armenian, or you want to find a secluded place for a cool summer vacation.[tag]
Now that I have painted the picture for you, I can let you read the 2 attached news articles I have written.  I opsted both on my personal facebook page and also my facebook page “Syria is my Home”.  I have to be truthful, there is not much support or interest.  Most Americans do not care anything about Syria, and don’t understand the attack, or the terrorists and could care less.
I have a home in Kassab.  My home is lost to me, and occupied now by Radical Islamic terrorists, who are shooting long range missiles at Latakia, which is a large city 1 hour drive south of Kassab.  Latakia is a PORT city, we are on the coast.  The 2 articles give all details, dates and information.
Please pass them on to others who may be interested.
I have just been informed, that Armenian citizens, of the nation Armenian, North of Turkey, have declared their willingness to come here to Latakia and Kassab and fight the terrorists.   The Syrian Arab Army is very strong and well trained and equipped.  I think they have an excellent chance of repelling the invasion of terrorists supported by Turkey.  However,  the only way to insure thei problem is solved and does not repeat itself, is for Turkey, USA, UK, France, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to give the orders to the terrorists to STOP.  The terrorists can not have food, weapons, supplies, transportation and cash without the express  backing and full support of the governments before mentioned.  We need the BORDER with Turkey to be CLOSED and for the Turkish Army and security forces to fight, arrest, kill, or repel all terrorists inside Turkey.  As long as Turkey is giving Al Qaeda and their affiliates, like Free Syrian Army, Jibhat al Nusra and ISIS we will never be safe inside Syria.
PS: the photo I attached here is literally up the street from my home.  These missile attacks are inside the city, not outside in open land.  They are targeting unarmed civilians in their own homes.
Best regards,
Lilly Martin

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