Died Suddenly – COVID-19 vaccine injured swimmers

Died Suddenly – COVID-19 vaccine injured swimmers: 37 yo Italian swimming champion Claudio Rais was driven to suicide by his Moderna COVID-19 booster Injuries, plus 9 other swimmers collapsing & dying

By Dr. William Makis

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When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, Big Pharma isn’t very concerned about the vaccine injured. They are collateral damage in a multi $100 billion profit scheme and their plight can always be blamed on Long COVID or Climate Change.

But they fear suicides. A COVID-19 vaccine injured person driven to suicide can do tremendous damage to the fraudulent COVID-19 vaccine narrative about “safe and effective”. Especially if they document their nightmare. Such is the case of Italian swimming champion Claudio Rais.

And he is not the only swimmer to suffer COVID-19 vaccine injuries, in fact, swimmers are dying suddenly in very high numbers now.

Sassari, Italy – 37 year old personal trainer, swimmer and triathlete Claudio Rais committed suicide by jumping off the Rosello Bridge, the highest bridge in the city of Sassari in Italy, on March 14, 2023. (click here)

Claudio Rais had his first two COVID-19 mRNA vaccine doses with Pfizer in 2021, and then had a Moderna booster shot on Feb.10, 2022.

He had a successful swimming summer season of 2022, winning multiple championships.

But by September 2022, he described suffering horrible injuries from his Moderna COVID-19 booster shot. In his own words:

By December 2022, he was seriously contemplating suicide:

Claudio Rais would go on to commit suicide only 3 months later on March 14, 2023, by jumping off the Rosello bridge in his town of Sassari, Italy.

Honolulu, HI – 17 year old Tehani Kealoha, a Moanalua High School senior died suddenly after suffering a “medical emergency” during a swim meet on May 13, 2023 (click here)

High School Students Who Died Suddenly or Unexpectedly After Taking COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. 16 Cases in 2022

Lanang, Philippines – 49 year old swim coach Jerry Kasim had a heart attack and died during the Davao Ironman competition on March 26, 2023 (click here)

US Virgin Islands – 42 year old Jamie Cail, former swimmer, was found dead by her boyfriend on the floor of their home on Feb.21, 2023 (click here)

Jamie Cail pictured swimming at a swim meet.

Hamilton, ON – Fully COVID-19 vaccinated 27 year old Canadian doctor, pediatrician and triathlete Dr. Candace Nayman collapsed in the water during a triathlon (and died four days later on July 28, 2022) (click here)

Dr. Candace Nayman is seen in this undated photograph taken from her Facebook page.

Esterhazy, SK – Fully COVID-19 vaccinated 44 year old Canadian family doctor Dr.Shahriar Jalali Mazlouman died suddenly at 1:30pm while swimming in a public swimming pool on July 23, 2022. (click here)

Dr. Shahriar Jalali Mazlouman

VIDEO – Budapest, Hungary – World Championships in Artistic Swimming – 25 year old professional swimmer Anita Alvarez collapsed in water on June 22, 2022. She survived the incident.


Naples, Italy – 27 year old professional swimmer Mariasofia Paparo died suddenly of a heart attack on April 11, 2022, just shy of her 28th birthday and a month after getting engaged. (click here)

Redlands, CA – 21 year old Sydney Rae Benveniste, a college swimmer at Azusa Pacific University, died suddenly on March 1, 2022 (click here)

Pima County, AZ – 23 year old University of Arizona swimmer Ty Wells died suddenly on Jan.27, 2022, autopsy showed a disseminated Strep infection following a protracted upper respiratory infection (click here)

Everything about Arizona swimmer death (Image via Instagram/Azathelic)

Ty Wells may have suffered from severe immune system injury from COVID-19 vaccines, allowing Strep to become systemic and fatal. These types of deaths (from Strep) have become common in COVID-19 vaccinated young people.

My Take…

Triathlon and competitive open water swimming have higher rates of death compared to other forms of endurance sport. Studies have found that sudden cardiac arrhythmia is the most likely etiology of swimming related death (click here).

Furthermore, data from triathlons have shown that most sudden deaths occur during the swimming segment of the race (click here).

This means that COVID-19 mRNA vaccine induced myocarditis is even more dangerous and deadly for Triathletes and competitive swimmers than for other athletes and regular people.

Doctors should be warning swimmers and triathletes about this elevated risk of sudden cardiac death if they’ve had any COVID-19 vaccine. However, at this time, these increased risks of sudden death are being ignored and swept under the rug.

Competitive triathletes and swimmers are dying suddenly and doctors remain “baffled”.

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