Did your tears Dried Or your Conscience Died ?



Did your tears Dried

Or your Conscience Died 

Is our Blood shook your feelings

Or wake up you from your sleepiness ??

And our massacres ??

Does it lead you to the deafness ??

Or did it  burst your peers ??

Ours bloods , our cries ,or our crying and sufrring 

Distorts your Tv screens 

Our cries !

Lets you forget the euphoria of your Ramadan’s serie ?

Or interrupt you the moment of pathos on the Champions of Love and Gram?

Did  scenes of our boddy parts messed up your thin delicate feelings?

Excuse us for our bloods !

Messed fun to watch forbidden love?

Excuse us for our cries ! 

Missed the fun trance when the heroine embrace the hero

Excuse us for our boddy parts screens ! 

Hurt your feelings and your kind delicate sense !

And excuse  

Our massacres that which your sick souls abhors from !

And cheered

Because by yesterday 

We became just numbers in Tv news 

Can be montioned by coincidence

in small coin in your Television screens !!


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