Details of the arrest of the Nazi occupation barbaric former student council Birzeit

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Occupied West Bank : revealed captive Osama Fakhoury, details how Nazi occupation forces arrested the family of Osama who previously served as Chairman of Student Union at Birzeit University on 07/02/2019 from his residence in Birzeit.

Osama al-Fakhouri, Osama’s father, told Al- Quds News that the occupation entered his son with dogs while he was sleeping in his bed. Osama was bitten by a dog that attacked him, which resulted in a serious injury to his knee and he continued to bleed until he reached an investigation center. Muscobies, and stayed in pain for more than a month.

Osama’s father points out that the family is going to approach the human rights authorities to complain about the incident that accompanied his arrest, a few weeks before the release of his mother, writer Lama Khater.

Since his arrest, Osama has been subjected to an extension of detention and has not been sentenced until the moment.His trial has been postponed until 23/10/2019.It is reported that Osama is studying in the Faculty of Engineering and is known for his superiority.The occupation has arrested him from his student residence in Birzeit along with six of his colleagues.

The Nazi occupation had arrested his mother writing Lama Khater, “43 years” from the illegally occupied city of Hebron, on 24/7/2018 and spent in the prisons of the occupation for 13 months, before receiving freedom on 26/7/219 three weeks after the arrest of her son.

“As a Palestinian family that has suffered and suffered from the occupation, its actions and its crimes against the Palestinian people, we will not give up, we will not be alarmed, and we will remain faithful to the cause and the principles we have been raised on,” Osama’s mother said in a message through Jerusalem  . And his officers. “

“We ask God to have your surgery and suffering during the arrest and then the period of investigation into the balance of your good deeds,” she said in an interview with her son. “This is the case of those who are determined and bearers of principles. They must be harmed and pay a tax of their age and blood. As long as the occupation exists, the Palestinian will remain in hardship and suffering.” This occupation will be removed from our land, God assisted you and all your brothers and hasten your vagina and victory over your jailers.# Occupation# Arrest# Student Council# Osama Fakhoury

Zionist puppet Fatah leader to the Jewish Nazi settlers: Happy and blessed yea

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