Desperation in Gaza, the only power station stops


It seems that the fund in that of the Gaza Strip is never touched. The threshold of civil life has long since passed, and even the last power plant that guaranteed electricity and water  will close soon. Official sources, in fact, report that even the last bastion of civilization seems to give way under the yoke of the Israeli occupation that has practically isolated the Gaza Strip . So just providing a continuous supply of fuel has become a company worthy of Hercules.

GazaAmnesty International has warned the Israeli regimeto guarantee at least this last source of energy as it would not have led and will not lead to any political “victory”,  but will only deprive the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip of the last primary services necessary for survival in that flap of hell. At the beginning of March we note that the appeal of Amnesty was totally ignored and the plant, whose operations were guaranteed by funds from Qatar that provided for the purchase of fuel and which was obviously employed by Israel ,  is about to cease its activities as the current reserves provide energy only for six hours a day.

The inhabitants of the coastal enclave will find themselves having to do without basic services for survival.Consider what huge damage the closure of the power plant will cause to hospitals in the area that are already in crisis due to daily emergencies.

That of the occupied  Palestinian territories is a criminal war with unequal weapons and those of Israel are war crimes, as stated by Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s director of the Middle East and North Africa program .Under the indifferent and complicit eyes of the international community a genocide is taking place, which in terms of violence and brutality is not very different from that of seventy years ago.

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