Dershowitz is desperate. In a recent TV appearance, in a mere seven minutes the notorious Zionist mouthpiece, manages to exhibit just about every single ugly Hasbara symptom.

And what is Dershowitz so desperate about? Dershowitz, is desperate to stop ‘The Wandering Who’. Why? Because ‘The Wandering Who’ is probably the only contemporary text that offers a complete and comprehensive reading into, not only Jewish Identity politics in general but also into Dershowitz’ own particular psychosis and duplicitous behaviour.

Speaking of duplicitous behaviour, being a prime Hasbara agent and well used to ‘the ways of deception’, Dershowitz fails to produce a single truthful statement in the entire program. He lies all the way through. But lies and deception are not going to help Dershowitz.

To read a complete expose of  Dershowitzes Lies and Glitches

Dershowitz, a largely despised supremacist Zionist, wants to ‘shame’ two of America’s most distinguished professors. However, in pleading with academics and students to carry out the ‘shaming’, Dershowitz actually follows one of the most disturbing of all Talmudic rituals – the Cherem.

Why does Dershowitz believe he has the moral authority to ‘shame’ two of the world’s leading humanists? Is it because he believes himself to be intellectually or morally superior, or is it that he is just, quite simply ‘chosen’?

It’s about time that Dershowitz accepts that American universities are not Yeshivas and he should rein in his mediaeval rabbinical approach to political and intellectual discourse.

Being an ex-Jew, I ask no-one to ‘shame’ Dershowitz in return. This sad, vindictive man brings more than enough shame on himself – and on anyone within the Jewish community who identify so disastrously with his repellent behaviour.

The Wandering Who is now a best seller, it is endorsed by a huge list of academics and humanists and its message spreads like fire in a field. Needles to mention that I am thankful to Dershowitz and other Hasbara agents for their free publicity.


The Wandering Who-A Study of Zionist and Hasbara tactics  or


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