By Gilad Atzmon

Dershowitz is correct – CNN and The New York Times are not the problem. As Dershowitz says, “we (the Jews, I guess) can handle that.” The real problem, according to Dershowitz is Gilad Atzmon. Unlike the CNN and The NY Times, that can be easily pressured by the lobby, I am indeed fascinated by truth seeking, peace and justice.

I guess that by the time ethnic cleansing advocate Dershowitz stops lying about my book and its content, he may grasp whyleading humanists are siding with merather than him.

For the time being, we are left with Dershowitz’ acknowledgment that I am  Israel’s biggest Problem.  I believe that considering myself being a Jazz artist,  this is slightly over the top. However, I guess that this statement alone may sell a few more copies of The Wandering Who.

 The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics

  The book can be  ordered  on


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