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The SAA and the newly-named Popular Defense Committees (read: NDF) have struck hard at terrorist positions inside Al-Shaykh Miskeen pushing out hundreds of their rats from the eastern and western sections of the city.  Whole blocks of buildings are now being guarded by the PDC as the SAA is relieved of such duties in order to pursue the Salafist murderers elsewhere.  Yesterday, our source in Damascus confirmed the deaths of 66 Nusra rodents in Shmiskeen with 47 taken prisoner in different stages of health.  There were many foreigners among the rats who did not make it to hospital.  Monzer reports that about 80% of the city is now either under direct SAA control or “fire control”.

Jaassem:  The SAA killed 18 rodents, a figure confirmed by rodent websites.  We have the names of most of the carcasses:

Muhammad Zakariyya Al-Jalam

Haamid Al-Salkhadi

‘Abdul-Khaaliq Muhammad Yaaseen

Suhayl Jihaad Al-Qarfaan

Jaleel ‘Ali Al-Khawaaja

Ahmad Mahmoud Abu-‘Awda

‘Abdullah Al-Suwaydaani

‘Abdullah Jamaal Al-Bakri

Muhammad Hussayn Al-Keewaan

Faadhil ‘Umar Al-Saamirraa`iy (IRAQI WOLF EXUDATE)

Qaassem Muhammad Al-Shaqraan

Ma`moon Mansoor Al-Rifaa’iy

Ahmad Hassan Al-Rifaa’iy

The other 5 were foreigners and did not carry identification. Our congratulations to the Al-Rifaa’iy family for providing another 2 of their own for induction into the Hades Hall of Fame.

Dayr Al-‘Adas:  This is Zionist land.  At Tal Al-Masyah, the SAA killed 11 rodents belonging to the Nusra organization and the FSA:

Miqdaad Hassan Salloom

Nidhaal Mahmoud Al-Sa’di

Luqmaan Muhammad Al-Waa`ili

The others were not named and are believed to be foreign

Tal Al-Haarra northwest of the City at 1075 meters above sea level: Nusra takes a big hit and loses this prime piece of military real estate to the SAA.  According to reports coming in to us, more than 20 of their wounded rodents were spirited off to Zionist Occupied Palestine for treatment by ghetto quacks.  We have no names.

SAA on the offensive in these areas: West Al-Ghaariyya and Saydaa, Tafass, Nawaa, Inkhil, Al-Faqee’, Bi`r Umm Al-Daraj, NW ‘Itmaan, Al-Lijaat