Denuclearization: Imperial Farce Narrative


It is imperative to know that the U.S. “denuclearization” demand in negotiation with North Korea is only an excuse to bring that country under its control. Militarily, North Korea’s small arsenal of nuclear weapons poses no danger to the U.S.  However it justifies the U.S. military presence in South Korea. A denuclearized Korean Peninsula means that the American forces have to pack up and leave that region, since their help will no longer be needed.

Based on this understanding, experienced peace activists were not surprised with the sudden disengagement of Mr. Trump from the June 12th summit in Singapore. It was expected; not because Mr. Trump or Mr. Kim are “unpredictable” leaders.  On the contrary, peace activists don’t think that the change of events is based on the personality of the “leaders”.

In the history of the American Presidency, Mr. Trump is not an exception as the corrupt media and Democratic Party want us to believe. Mr. Trump is the result of decades of a declining American economy. Politically he represents the weakness of U.S. Imperial power. On the doorstep of WWIII, the President of the country that was a victor of WWII, acts like an old incoherent man who possesses “massive and powerful” nuclear arsenals. When Mr. Trump said “I pray to God they [his nuclear bombs] will never have to be used”, he wanted to portray himself as a tough leader but he looked more like a drunken head of a dysfunctional family that could be scary at times.

Although the language of U.S. foreign policy toward Iran and North Korea is the language of war, the U.S. is not fully prepared to ignite a major conflict yet. Mr. Trump and his administration – regardless of the awesome American military power – know very well that the American people are not in the mood to support a major conflict or any attempt to start a WWIII. They have too many problems at home to be worried about than a bogus possibility of a “nuclear attack” from North Korea now or from Iran in the future! Beside the “International Community” and the European allies feel a little annoyed by the “America First” attitude these days while the powerful Chinese and Russian military forces are sleeping with one eye open!

While Mr. Trump was reading his ultimatum against North Korea live, simultaneously, President Macron of France – after his failed romantic dance in Washington – was practicing his Cossack dance with Mr. Putin in St. Petersburg, Russia! The current frustrated Europe has too much on its plate already to waste time translating what Mr. Trump, Pence, Bolton or Pompeo really mean by talking about the “Libyan Model”.

Peace activists should acknowledge that the new developments could actually be a blessing for Peace movement. It gives us the time and opportunity to unite the forces of peace on a global scale. A peaceful Korean peninsula is possible if working people of the North and South Korea pursue the path of unification and end of hostility despite the Washington’s contradictory and incoherent position. On the path for peace, there is no need for nuclear armaments.

Let’s demand an international denuclearization now. If regional denuclearization is a good thing, then global denuclearization must be even better!


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