Defending Freedom or Offending Humanity?


by crescentandcross  

This article was a response to a piece on WIRED.COM  entitled ..

25 Tons of Bombs Wipe Afghan Town Off Map

Well, Well, Well .. Let me see if I got this right .. Our ‘oh so brave’ troops and their 50 trillion dollar war machine with the finest collection of mass murder hardware in the world .. attack and flatten some village over there and I’m supposed be ‘proud’ ?? !!
Boy I’m sure those villagers really appreciated the ‘job’ we did !
Just like the 1.5 MILLION dead Iraqi Men, Women, and Children we butchered on the basis of lies !!
(No doubt enjoying the new found democracy that we brought to them .. the right to die!)
When you cut through the crap and get down to it, we go half way around the world to rape, pillage and plunder countries because we can !  and then rationalize it .. (and the idiot drones cheer as they watch the carnage.)
Amerika’s time is coming !  We’ve got some heavy dues to pay !
There’s an old saying .. What goes around, comes around ..  and its true.
You can wrap it up in the flag, seal it with the cross of Christ, vote it in by both parties, have parades, and throw confetti   .. But its still genocide!
So the next time I see them dancing and waving there rifles after an I.E.D. blows up some tank or truck with our ‘oh so brave’ boys, it wont bother me a bit !
This is exactly what we did in 1776 to the British .. and if I lived over there ..
It’s exactly what I would be doing today !
Folks have a ‘God given’ right to defend themselves, and we better get our heads out of whatever dark, dank, place we’ve got it and wake up ! People will ALWAYS try to defend their freedom with whatever means they have access to. They don’t have a choice, it’s their home, not ours !
Flying 1/2 way around the world to kill a couple million villagers to steal their oil and other natural resources isn’t Patriotic .. It’s sick, aggressive, genocide .. motivated by greed .. pure and simple.
If we cant ‘bear the pain’ of seeing our sons and daughters ground up in this war of greed, then STOP sending them over there !  .. It’s that simple. 
Don’t blame it on ‘dem arabs’ Mom and Dad ! 
You are the ones who felt sooo proud as you watched them dress up and go over to kill ‘dem arabs’ …
You are the ones who gave them your blessing .. 
You are the ones they turned to for guidance … (they’re just kids for God’s sake !)  
You should know better !
And for what ?  So more weapons makers and politicians can get wealthy ?
So Israel can gobble up more land and kill more of there neighbors ? 
So you can feel all warm and fuzzy when you watch the news ?  
Well hang on to that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling … After the telegram or phone call it may be all you have left !
That’s NOT ‘Defending America’ .. It’s Offending God, Justice, Humanity and any one left with a conscience.

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