Defend BDS victory at the American Anthropological Association

Dear John, 

On Monday, the American Anthropology Association (AAA) voted to boycott Israeli academic institutions, becoming the largest academic association to follow through on Palestinian calls for an academic boycott of apartheid Israel. 

But while 71% of votes were cast in support of BDS, the AAA has begun to receive a backlash from Zionists. Don’t let Zionists pressure the AAA into weakening the implementation of the resolution. Our numbers can help give the AAA the confidence to keep standing up for what is right. Use our click-to-email tool to let them know you are one of thousands who support their decision.  
Email the AAA to support their BDS decisionThe AAA boycott further erodes Israel’s legitimacy — and it comes at a time when that legitimacy is being questioned for the first time by even the most ardent supporters of Israel. As the results of the vote were announced, Israel’s Knesset adopted a judicial reform bill that would undermine the power of Israel’s Supreme Court to check the authority of the Israeli military, allowing Israel’s ultra right-wing government to more deeply entrench violent apartheid rule over Palestinians. The move has prompted international outcry and led hundreds of thousands of Israelis to take to the streets in protest.  This boycott — coupled with the widespread criticism of Israel’s current government — is emblematic of a stunning shift in public opinion around Palestine/Israel. It also represents an opportunity to bring more people than ever before into the movement for Palestinian liberation. Onwards,
Jason Farbman
Digital Director

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