Dan Dick’s Reveals What Really Took Place at Bilderberg 2013

Press For Truth’s, Dan Dick’s appeared on Tuesday’s Intellihub radio broadcast to reveal exactly what took place during the controversial Bilderberg meeting for the first time since he returned to Canada.


Henri de Castries (Photo: Shepard Ambellas/Intellihub.com)

by Shepard Ambellas

WATFORD — The Bilderberger’s were met by thousands of protestors at “The Grove” hotel, as the sleeping giant (the populace) is awakening rather abruptly. In more than a turning point, the mainstream media has been forced to cover the meetings. In fact, Alex Jones himself appeared on a popular BBC Sunday show.
Dan Dicks, who has documented the secretive Bilderberg meetings for six years now explained on the (must listen) broadcast, hosted by Shepard Ambellas, just how the protest was turned into a festival this year as Ambellas and Dicks tossed around the pros and cons of last years protest vs. this years “festival”.
Dicks also explained just how much the elusive Bilderberger’s learned from last years conference, as the security measures were heavy. Few press could get pictures of the elites in and around the massive Grove compound.
Dick’s also talks about the people he met at the meeting, including, Charlie Skelton and his wife, David Icke, and others.
Do not miss this important broadcast.
Listen HERE: http://unboundradio.com/intellihub-w-shepard-ambellas-2663

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