Cuban Workers Condemn US Blockade


The Cuban Workers’ Confederation (CTC) and the national trade unions released a statement strongly condemning over 50 yearlong US economic, financial and commercial US blockade on Cuba.

The document published by the weekly Trabajadores indicates that the hostile policy of the United States government continues to be a massive, flagrant and systematic violation of the human rights of the Cuban people.
It called the blockade a genocidal action, as expressed in the report to be presented by Cuba to the United Nations General Assembly on November 1.

The CTC joins the rest of the organizations of Cuban civil society, which demand the cessation of the measure imposed more than half a century ago, in the useless attempt to subdue the Revolution.

According to the statement, the blockade constitutes the biggest obstacle to the economic and social development of the island and must be seen as part of the historical interventionist policy of the empire towards Cuba.

It points out that its implementation has become a process of war to stifle the country and constitutes a tool to try to show that Cuba is part of the territory of the United States.

Cuban workers, it reads, have suffered like all our people from the effects of the longest economic, commercial and financial siege in history.

Noting that the economic damages of the blockade add up billions of dollars, it points out that it has intensified with the arrival of Donald Trump to power and the implementation of the Presidential Memorandum of National Security.

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