Cuba announces arrest of four Miami terrorists who were planning to carry out terrorist attacks



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Down with terrorism CubaOn May 7, Cuban authorities announced that on April 26, four Cuban right-wing exiles from Miami were arrested in Havana for plotting terrorist attacks in Cuban territory. Their names are José Ortega Amador, Obdulio Rodríguez González, Raibel Pacheco Santos and Félix Monzón Álvarez.

According to the report, the men have admitted that they planned to attack military installations and they had entered Cuba several times since 2013 to plot their actions.

The four men who are now detained in Cuba have also admitted that Santiago Álvarez, Osvaldo Mitat and Manuel Alzugaray were directing their terror campaign. They are long-time collaborators with CIA operative and terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

The four men who are now detained in Cuba have admitted to Cuban authorities that Santiago Álvarez, Osvalto Mitat and Manuel Alzugaray were directing their actions.

Who is Santiago Álvarez Fernández Magriña?

Although he has long been identified in the Miami media as a Miami businessman, Álvarez is a terrorist with a long violent history. He has worked closely for years with CIA agents like Luis Posada Carriles.

He is most noted for financing Posada’s bombing and assassination campaigns and helping him escape justice. Posada Carriles is responsible for engineering the bombing of a Cuban airliner, killing 73 people, in 1976. He lives as a fugitive from justice in Miami.

Here are just a few facts about the terrorist Álvarez:

  • Oct. 12, 1971, Alvarez and CIA agent Antonio Iglesias Pons machine-gunned the village of Boca de Sama, eastern Cuba from a speedboat, killing two men and injuring several people, including a young girl.
  • In 2000, he was involved in the plot to try to assassinate Fidel Castro in Panama, led by Posada Carriles. After Posada and three others were convicted, then illegally pardoned by pro-U.S. Panama president Mireya Moscoso, Álvarez flew three of the men into Miami on a Lear jet.
  • In 2001, he bought 8 assault rifles in Miami and thousands of rounds of ammunition. The weapons were later found on three men arrested in Cuba. Álvarez ordered them to explode the Tropicana nightclub in Havana with C-4 explosives, potentially threatening hundreds of people’s lives.
  • Together with Osvaldo Mitat, he illegally sneaked Posada Carriles into Miami on a boat in March 2005. To this day Posada runs free in Miami, continuing to plot with his terrorist accomplices.
  • Álvarez and Mitat were caught with weapons caches in Miami (machine guns, C-4 explosives, grenade launchers) in 2005, yet they served less than two years.

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We the people of the United States believe the U.S. government should not harbor known terrorists in Miami or anywhere. 

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