Gaza’s Children


Gaza’s Children
This short video is incredibly moving. It shows the cruel reality of Zionist terrorism. It brings the horrifying numbers of 1300 Palestinians dead, more than 5000 wounded and 40,000 homeless to the reality seen in just these few children who are victims. These horrendous numbers mean that the 1.5 million people of Gaza faced terror that was proportionately a 100 times greater for them than what America suffered from 9-11. The numbers represent real people, real women and children, real victims of Zionist murder.
This video also shows incredible courage. The young boy pictured here was helping the wounded when both of his eyes were ripped out from their sockets by Zio+nazi bombs. He survives, but never will see again. While lying in the hospital, knowing that he will be in darkness forever, he does not wallow in his own suffering and pain, but remains defiant.
His words are: “I am content. I fear no one, only my Lord. If they were to do this again, I would still be content. I tell the people in Gaza to remain strong. We will remain steadfast against the Israeli enemy.”
If just 10 percent of Europeans and Americans had a fraction of the courage and resolve of that blinded child, the Zionists would not today control the media, politics and policy of the Western World, and they would not have been able to destroy our heritage, traditions, values, morality, faith.
They would not have been able to change America through the 20th century massive immigration of an army of Zionist supremacists into America in the last century, in a similar way that they destroyed Palestine through massive Zionist immigration there.
And, certainly they would never have been able to turn America from a nation founded on principles of independence, justice and freedom to a nation that supports the horrendous terror inflicted by the Zionists on women and children in Gaza.

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