Croatia: Zionist puppet President Supports racist Nazi regime of I$raHell


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr
Croatia Supports Israel in Latest Skirmishes with Palestinians

ZAGREB, August 10, 2018 – Croatia’s Foreign Ministry on Friday condemned missile attacks on Israel from Gaza and called for ending violence.
“The escalation of violence in Gaza, in which people have been killed and injured, gives cause for great concern. We condemn in the strongest terms the launching of massive missile attacks into Israel from Gaza and call for an end to violence. Such acts that endanger the lives of innocent civilians are unjustifiable,” the ministry said in a press release.”
Pernar u Palestini
Croatia fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself and its security and take proportionate actions to respond to such attacks,” it added.”
It is now crucial to work towards de-escalation to avoid further casualties and respond to the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza. Restraint and respect of the ceasefire that reportedly came into effect last night are important elements to this end,” said the ministry.”
Pernar u Palestini
Croatia remains committed to supporting all efforts aimed at preventing further aggravation of the situation, finding the way out of the crisis and creating perspectives for lasting peace and security,” it added.
Pernar u Palestini

FYI Palestinians are an occupied people under international law. That law entitles them to defend themselves by any means necessary. They have NO army, NO navy, NO airforce, they throw stones, they use garden pipe filled with agricultural fertiliser to make rockets, most never even get across the border as Israel has its multi billion dollar iron dome defence system. Israel, as the occupier has a legal duty of care under international law to the people it has occupied. Israel has been sanctioned innumerable times by the Un for human rights abuses. It has built an 80 foot high wall around 2 million civilians in Gaza, depriving them of clean water, food, toiletries, children’s toys etc. Israel regularly uses barrel bombs, dime bombs, white psforous on these captive civilians. Israelis have burned down numerous churches and monasteries and verbally abuse nuns and priests on the streets, and steal church lands, how you can support this abuse is beyond my comprehension, shame on you
Peter Franzen

It’s clear that Croatian government leaders have been bought and paid for by the terrorist state of Israel with a few shekels. Let’s hope that they all soon drown in their own cesspit.


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