Critics Slam Trump for Attacking Civil Rights Leader Lewis

  • Lewis testifies to the Senate Judiciary Committee during confirmation hearing on Senator SessionsDemocratic members of Congress and other supporters have rallied behind Lewis to say Trump was out of line in attacking the activist and politician.

President-elect Donald Trump began a weekend that honors slain black civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. by attacking another rights activist and politician who had said he does not see Trump as a “legitimate president.”

U.S. Democratic Representative John Lewis said on a segment of “Meet the Press” released by NBC Friday he thought hacking by Russians had helped Trump get elected. Lewis said he does not plan to attend Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration, the first time he would miss such an event since being elected to the House in 1986.

Trump tweeted Saturday that Lewis had falsely complained about the election results and instead “should spend more time on fixing and helping his district.”

The 76-year-old Lewis, who has been a civil rights leader for more than half a century, was beaten by police during a march he helped lead in 1965 in Selma, Alabama, drawing attention to hurdles for Blacks to vote. He protested alongside King that day and on other occasions.

But many have fired back at Trump over the comments.

On twitter, NAACP President Cornell William Brooks called on Trump to apologize for “disrespecting Lewis” and the “sacrifice” he made fighting for rights.

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