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Riyaadh Hijaab who was last seen waiting tables in Amman, Jordan, is a sorry remnant of the scum he used to be when he betrayed his own country.

There can be no question any longer that major changes in the year 2016 will impact decisively on conditions in 2017.  The most significant changes can be listed as follows:

1.  The Syrian Army is no longer burdened by antiquated weapons systems.  Whatever the cost, be it a lifetime lease on the naval base at Tartous, or mortgaging Syria’s newly-found natural gas reservoirs, the fact remains that Syrian Army weapons rank at the highest level today of technology, maintenance and effectiveness.  All of this has led to a concatenation of critical victories crowned by the very recent liberation of Aleppo.

2.  Russia has found the perfect balance for its foreign policy In the Levant.  The Russians, rather than fall into a quagmire similar to that of Afghanistan, have chosen the route of empowering its ally, Syria, by providing advanced weapons systems heretofore unseen in the area, improving the SAA’s ability to control the battlefield while testing the efficacy of their own technology.  The way Moscow has maneuvered in Syria to support a crucial ally has been nothing short of brilliant.  While it is true that Russians have died fighting alongside the SAA, the numbers of Russian fatalities are extremely low.

3.  The United States has become increasingly isolated politically in the Levant.  Negotiations for an end to the conflict are taking place between Russia, Iran and Turkey.  The U.S. and NATO were not invited.  With Donald Trump coming into office on January 20, 2017, all sides, including the terrorists expect a sea change in Washington’s policies toward the Syrian administration, Alqaeda, Saudi Arabia and NATO.  Obama pursued a goal so repugnant it can be said that he would best be prosecuted as a war criminal and criminal against humanity – not the Nobel Peace Prize-winning neophyte who brought nothing but shame and disgrace to the award and the Nobel Institution.  Pretending all the while to support liberation movements, he managed to corner himself in a maze whose angles he could not negotiate without coming face-to-face with the grim truth that he was complicit in empowering Alqaeda and supporting mass-murdering degenerates who spat invective and imprecations at his own army – calling his soldiers “apostates”, “infidels” and “enemy” – as they tried to give help to the masked savages whose purpose was not to liberate the people of Syria from a secular form of government, but, instead, to overthrow a government which preferred dealing with Iran rather than Qatar or their mephitic Wahhabist cousins in Saudi Arabia.  Obama’s departure is a welcome breath of fresh air in an atmosphere dominated by the odor of Sarin gas which he provided to the terrorists.

4.  The Mainstream Media or the Corporate Media in the West has failed miserably in promoting the narrative that the “opposition” in Syria was made up of “moderates” seeking freedom from an authoritarian dynasty emerging from a mountain bastion on the coast populated by a strange minority linked to Iran.  Whether it came to encouraging greater American involvement in the war in Syria, as the traitor Neo-Cons wanted, or transferring advanced weapons to the terrorists, the MSM could not convince the public or the Congress to back such a fool’s errand.  The MSM, defiled by its own hypocrisy and ties to Zionism, could not but create its own antithesis in the “Alternative Media” to which millions began to switch once the cat was out of the bag and MSM reporters appeared to be, more and more akin to professional liars or snake-oil salesmen.  The confrontation with Trump is emblematic of where the MSM now stands.

5.  It was Robert Ford’s and Saudi Arabia’s strategy to create a refugee crisis in Syria.  While Robert Ford, the USA’s former ambassador to Damascus,  has been almost exclusively a failure in everything he tried to promote, he was totally successful in killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Syria and creating the “refugee crisis” which threatens to overwhelm the capabilities of the EU.  By pushing Syrians out of their country into neighboring states like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, Ford and his minions would expose Dr. Assad’s vulnerabilities, by making his government appear helpless and ineffective in defending the citizenry.  Or so Robert Ford thought.  This peculiar narrative was picked up by phony academics, like Joshua Landis whose website, “Syria Comment” was described as “influential” even though nobody read it because it was focused on a single fallacy, to wit, that everything in Syria was inextricably tied to “sectarianism”.  As it turned out, the sectarianism about which he wrote was belied by the very nature of the Assad administration, so inclusive that even the First Lady, was a Sunni.  The argument that a minority sect ruled Syria has been turned upside down.

What Ford did not understand was that the refugees whom he created represented the very worst specimens of Syrian society.  Like a monster emerging from the sea to destroy a great capital, as in the Toho Studio movies of Japan, the refugees inundated Europe with rapists and thieves, young men of military age who were either in the throes of boundless concupiscence or sleeper agents for the same terrorists Obama was arming, training and funding.  If Angela Merkel loses the next elections, she might want to send Robert Ford a “thank you” letter for his involvement in her own Katastrophe.  The EU experiment with an “a bras ouverts” policy is now viewed as the next worst thing to the re-emergence of the Bubonic Plague.  Marine Le Pen, no stranger to decisive actions, will probably send them all up the Seine, all the way to Coventry.

And now, the same refugees are beginning to return to their homes.  The Assad government played this one deftly.  With one swift pirouette of the heel of his hand, Dr. Assad signed a law permitting the enemies of the state to return to society through an amnesty program many of our readers thought was ingenuous.  As it turned out, tens of thousands of otherwise malignant street Arabs were reprogrammed into productive citizens, some even joining the antiterrorist militias who are fighting Robert Ford’s cannibals.

6.  Iran will win the war between it and its Saudi enemy.  Already, an arc which can be called the “Fatimid Crescent” is enveloping Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.  Only 2 obstacles exist which can block Iran’s massive appearance on the economic stage with the finalization of its natural gas pipeline across Iraq to the coast of Syria:  ISIS in Iraq and a coalition of terrorism in Syria consisting of ISIS, Alqaeda and American-supported terrorists who will be awarded newer weapons by the outgoing Obama regime as a final au revoir to a failed foreign policy program.  Turkey is seething due to its own failure to oust Dr. Assad.  So long as the present Syrian government exists, Qatar will not be able to extend its own pipeline across Arabia through Jordan, through an Assad-less Syria to Turkey.  Erdoghan’s plan to improve his odds of joining the EU was pinioned on this eventuality – an eventuality which is growing increasingly improbable by the day.  With Iran benefiting from its new de-isolation; with new airliners and an oil market positioning for increased profits, expect to see Iran flex even more muscle as it muscles in on Saudi territory.

7.  Even with new weapons, expect to see the terrorist groups fighting themselves more than the Syrian Army.  So many terrorist leaders have been killed that it seems almost impossible for them to replace this sizeable cadre of seasoned field commanders.  It is most likely that the terrorist groups will fight over turf, not because they are angling to lock horns with the Syrian Army, but rather, to elbow out competitors for financial gain.  As this war evolves over such diverse things as fruits and vegetables, drugs and weapons, Syrian citizens, who might have been sympathetic to the “opposition” cause, will become disillusioned and inimical to the American and Saudi supported Islamist rodents.  We foresee an increase in the number of militia in 2017 occasioned by new volunteers.

8.  The “opposition”, which was mostly based in the hotels of Europe,  will cease to exist.  The United States under Trump will view this cobbled mass of bloodsuckers as nothing more than desiccated nematodes useless for fishing or stirring soil.  They have overstayed their welcome and have given the Saudis and Qataris nothing more than a needless write-off in their own countries which have no taxes.  All the names you have read about in SyrPer and elsewhere, George Sabra, Khaled Khoja, Nizar Nayyouf, Ghassaan (Shitto) Hitto, Michel Kilo, Qadri Jamil, Riyaadh Hijaab and all the rest of those shameless freeloaders, will become like trivia stashed deep in your most unused neural cells.

9.  Saudi Arabia can’t feed its own population.  You don’t have to be Marxist to figure out that food is important.  Even worse off are the foreign workers who have not been paid for 6 months.  Worse news for the Saudi clan of nincompoops is that Trump doesn’t seem to care much about them.  This is going to be a very bad year – the final year for these syphilis-ridden cockroaches.  No more money for Ahraar Al-Shaam, Jaysh Al-Islam and Alqaeda.  Qatar will have to pick up the slack if it’s willing to tamper with its newly established relations with Moscow.

In conclusion, 2017 will be the year when all the trump cards will be dealt to Dr. Assad.  Through sheer willpower, he has defeated all the shallow and reckless plans to oust him.  His victory will be historic.



 خبر وتعليق...الإرهاب ينتحر على أبواب دمشقAhraar Al-Shaam is known for many things: beheadings, rape, blackmail, shakedowns, extortion and other actions consistent with its ideology of nihilism.  For a while, as it controlled some parts of the capital’s water supply, it actually cooperated with the government in permitting engineers and technicians to contginue the flow of water to all parts of Damascus.  However, as the group has suffered massive losses in rats and materiel over the last few months, it has opted to cut off the flow of water to the great city from 3 primary sources: Waadi Baradaa, Baseema and ‘Ayn Al-Khudhur.   The only explanation for this sudden change of rat heart is the knowledge that the Syrian Army has been crushing its forces everywhere in Syria, especially in Aleppo where Ahraar Al-Sham took a real drubbing.

As of yesterday, the SAA has mounted a ferocious air and ground attack on all Ahraar Al-Sham positions at Waadi Baradaa and has destroyed completely their command-control center there.  Witnesses report a large column of tanks and armor moving up to Waadi Baradaa.  In the meantime, engineers have found replacement water from reserves and other sources .


Al-Shifooniyya:  The SAA’s artillery corps struck a meeting held here whose sole purpose was to plan new attacks on SAA outposts and checkpoints.  Scores were killed but no details are available.  Also, at Douma, the SAAF was quite active.



تدمير مقرات لأحرار الشام في ريف حمص .. واستهداف اجتماع للمسلحين في الشيفونيةUmm Sharshooh:  Ahraar Al-Shaam must be very ticked right now.  Yesterday, the SAA artillery achieved a direct hit on a nest of vultures killing these as they were sending out orders from their c&c.  Besides the listed vermin, a 4-wheel drive pickup with 23mm cannon and a mortar launcher were destroyed:

Ahmad Saalih Turki

Mousa Akram

Khaalid Muhammad Al-Jabal

AL-SUWAYDAA`:  Yesterday,the SAA and PDC foiled a miserable attempt by ISIS in Eastern Al-Suwaydaa` on the road between Sa’ad Village and Al-Qassr to infiltrate their vermin to Tal Banaat Ba’eer northeast of the provincial capital.  It was a disaster for ISIS as its rodents found out when they entered a small valley rife with sharpshooters and light artillery.  Estimates of dead and wounded are between 10 and 30.




Indian National Killed in Syria While Fighting for ISIS

Indian imbecile and catamite, Imaan Na’eem Tandil (a/k/a “Abu ‘Umar Al-Hindi”) (From Alalam)

The bozo, pictured above pointing heaven-ward,  should have had his eyes facing the ground upon which he was standing since that’s more likely a destination for professional creeps from India.  He was sent straight to Hades west of the Tabaqa Dam by artillery fire from the SDF.  He’s not smiling anymore. What a degenerate.

HAMA:  A few days ago, Jund Al-Aqsa kidnapped several Faylaq Al-Sham rodents and threw them into some kind of cage after stripping them of all their weapons.  Faylaq Al-Sham responded by calling all allied pests, such as Nusra/Alqaeda, to intervene and “correct” the other groups behavior which was described as “barbarous”.   The Faylaq Al-Sham group also described the barbarousness of the other group as “catastrophic”.  Now, don’t forget that Jund Al-Aqsa is a branch of Alqaeda/Nusra and joined up after a war with Ahraar Al-Sham.  Te hee hee.


Nasrullaah Village:  North of the Air Force College near Dayr Haafir, the SAA killed over 15 ISIS hyenas.

Rasm Al-Kimaa:  SAA defenders killed several ISIS rodents in 3 four-wheel pickups with 23mm cannons.

As of 12-28-16, the SAA has dismantled IEDs and mines from 966 hectares of East Aleppo.

In Al-Zaydiyya Quarter, the SAA and Russian officers uncovered an arsenal loaded with “gifts from Qatar” stamped on them.  Need more proof?


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