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Holocaust denier’s appeal fails to impress the PSC

Sarah AB

It seems appropriate to flag the PSC’s clear opposition to Francis Clark-Lowes’ appeal against his expulsion from the organisation, by a 5 – 1 majority, just as I would (of course) have felt the opposite result should be publicised and commented on.   His speech was truly shocking – it can be found on Atzmon’s blog.  Here’s an extract:

Of course there are Jews who challenge elements of Jewish ideology. But these exceptions don’t invalidate, in principle, generalisations about Jews. That would be like saying you mustn’t describe dogs as quadrupeds because some of that species have lost a leg.

Put simply, the idea that Gentiles have an anti-Semitic gene, the story of Jewish suffering, the ‘Holocaust’ myth, Zionism, Jewish chauvinism, and anti-racist rhetoric have combined into an ideology which, because it is virtually unsinkable in its own terms, is immensely powerful. Breach one compartment of the vessel, and bulkheads protect the others to ensure the ship stays afloat.

Here’s another piece by him which insists on the collective responsibility of Jews for the (perceived) crimes of Israel, and warns that ‘Jews, as a collective, exercise immense, and quite disproportionate, power in the world, and that this power is being abused.’

Pace Lauren Booth, I doubt this result will herald the start of a cosy friendship between Harry’s Place and the PSC. Refusing to tolerate an egregious Holocaust denier isn’t exactly a huge achievement –  andAnthony Cooper is less than impressed by the weak audience reactions to Clark-Lowes’ appalling speech  – but it’s a whole lot better than allowing his continuing presence in the PSC. There is further coverage on Tony Greenstein’s blog.

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