Could you just imagine ….


If the people in the streets were chanting hate speech about Jewish leaders, as they do about Muslims and the prophet Mohammed. 
If drones were attacking American cities or israel, as they do Islamic countries.
If one single newspaper plastered their anti-Jewish rhetoric across their front page, just as they project their anti-Islamic campaign.
If we had the exact same coverage of enforced empathy for all the realholocausts which have happened throughout history, as we have to put up with, with the Jewish holomyth. 
If israel had the same levels of race laws, and enforced immigration which are being imposed on westernised cities across the globe.
If for just one week, we in the Truthing community could have access to the entire main stream media, TV, entertainment, cinemas, magazines, etc. Oh boy. 
If synagogues were genuinely attacked by EDF style supporters, as are mosques today. 
If most Americans really knew how much they were financing that only democratic state in the Middle East -and why. 
If israel had to be included in the nuclear arms treaty – and had the same amount of attention Iran and Iraq had with their WMD inspections. 
If the Jews had to pay reparations for all the holocausts and genocides they have created throughout history. Ha – they would be bankrupt. 
If the same sentencing was applied to all the criminals creating wars, as is the INNOCENT people who are now rotting in prisons, due to trying to expose these criminals. 
If the Jewish-controlled MSM for once actually actually told the Truth
If we had sanity in this world.
If we had Truth, justice and peace.
Please feel free to make contributions to this post. I think this list could be endless.

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