Contempt for Lawyers Causing Boycott?


“Breaking Bad’s” Saul Goodman (played by Bob Odenkirk).
Public revulsion against lawyers has grown to the point where the justice system is endangered.
“The law is an elite culture of privilege that has gone awry, utterly blind to its own weaknesses and its own propensity to cause harm. “
What’s the difference between a mosquito and a lawyer?
One is a blood-sucking parasite; the other is an insect.
What’s the problem with lawyer jokes?
Lawyers don’t think they’re funny, and no one else thinks they’re jokes.
by Henry Makow Ph.D.
Public contempt for lawyers is reaching the point where an informal boycott seems to have started in Canada and the USA.
“I am not so much afraid of being the victim of a crime,” a Canadian recently wrote recently.
“My fear is being the victim of the most slow, inefficient, expensive, absurd, complicated and unjust bureaucracy ever invented by any country anywhere – the Canadian legal system.”
The comment was in response to an announcement Thursday that the 18,000-member Ontario Bar Association is launching a campaign to persuade people that, far from parasites, lawyers are “actually problem-solvers, pillars of their communities and an indispensable cog in a healthy democracy.”
The news was greeted  by almost unanimous scorn by the 77 people who bothered to comment:
“Don’t worry Ontario Law Society. It’s just 95% of the lawyers that give the rest a bad name!”
“The image of lawyers as lower than toads fits perfectly. These dirt bags would sell their mothers for a profit.”
“If a child of mine brought a lawyer home as a potential spouse; that child would be out the door.”

 “A substantial chunk of them are self-serving manipulative ambulance-chasers utterly devoid of a moral or ethical compass.”
“They are regarded by society on the level of pedophiles and murderers.”
 A Coroner with 30 years experience wrote:
 “Lawyers … charge ruinous fees for their services and often do more harm than good. Often I have assessed people in court cases who have been financially ruined while their lawyer grew obscenely rich. The law is an elite culture of privilege that has gone awry, utterly blind to its own weaknesses and its own propensity to cause harm.”
The result is that many people are not seeking justice in the Courts. Those that do attempt to self-represent. There are fewer jobs for graduating law students. Law is no longer the secure path to success it once was.
I’ m sure everyone has their own mostly bad experiences with lawyers.  I will spare you mine. Instead, I will relate the recent story of a single mother I know. She supports her children doing menial labor. I’ll call her Clara.
She was in a six-year custody battle with her ex that involved money he took.
Three “Legal Aid” lawyers in succession did nothing for her. Finally she found a competent lawyer who said he would work “pro bono.”
He eventually won the custody battle and extracted  $28,000 that her ex owed.
Of this amount, the Legal Aid lawyers, who only obstructed the process, claimed $17,000. The “pro bono” lawyer decided to take about $7,000 after all. Clara ended up with about $4,000.
Clearly the “client” is only incidental to a process by which lawyers exploit conflicts to line their own pockets. Clara thinks it absurd that the father was convicted of “failing to provide” for his children; and then the lawyers took their money.
People are quick to jump on instances of corruption but loathe to consider the possibility that much of it might be traced to a single source: Freemasonry.
(left, statue of policewoman completing a pyramid in front of Toronto Police HQ on College Ave.) 
The Illuminati Jewish central bankers control society through organized Jewry and a vast Masonic network that includes control of professional associations like psychiatry (see #39.)   They infiltrate government, business, the church, the mass media, education and every important social institution.  
Anecdotal evidence suggests that Masons also have a stranglehold over the police and the administration of law.   
In his 1983 book, “The Brotherhood” Stephen Knight cited a British Mason who said it was standard practice to entangle their enemies in the legal challenges and thereby destroy them financially. In a sense, the degradation of the system of justice might be regarded as an extension of this — a broad secret war against society as a whole.
Readers of this website don’t need to be reminded how the law has been used to destroy husbands and fathers, part of a wider Masonic political agenda to destroy the family.
The Chief Family Court Judge in Manitoba may have got her job because she appeared naked in porn pictures on the Internet. Thus she, and judges like her, would be easy to blackmail, and willing to hand down the egregiousjudgments that destroy families and put children in danger.
Her accuser, Alex Chapman cannot find one lawyer in Winnipeg to represent him.  One laughed in his face when Chapman used the word, “Justice.” Indeed ,the whole Masonic-controlled elite of Winnipeg has rallied around Douglas.     
In BC, Eva Sydel cannot get judges hearing her case to admit they are Masons.   Masons take a vow to help their “brothers” at the expense of justice. How can these people serve as judges?  Here is her website.

Communism is the total political, economic and cultural monopoly over the world by the Cabalist Jewish central bankers using the “State” as a Front.
Illuminati insider Christian Rakowsky said the goal of Freemasonry is Communism.
It follows therefore that the gradual breakdown of public faith in the justice system is part of the satanic tyranny known as the New World Order.
The first job of government is to ensure that the country isn’t taken over by a satanic cult. Apparently our governments were not up to this task.
So when you’re $400 per hour lawyer won’t return your phone calls, there may be more happening than we think.

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