Confronting War Rhetoric Against Iran: Stop the March to War

Global Research
War rhetoric is beginning to get out of control between Israel and Iran. There are clear signs now that the overwhelming majority of Israelis do not want a suicidal war against Iran, which would have devastating consequences for the State of Israel and its entire population. In the United States there is also an increasing divide between those who want a US-Israeli attack on Iran and those who think that it will have devastating consequences for the Middle East and the United States.
The Iranians have now warned that they are prepared to retaliate and that if Iran is attacked the door could be opened for World War III. The US and a large coalition of its allies are presently executing naval drills in the Persian Gulf, while the Israelis are holding military drills on the Syrian border while the Syrian Army is fighting a US-sponsored insurgency. The Iranians themselves have begun preparations for military exercises simulating an eventual invasion of Israel in the scenario of a US-Israeli pre-emptive strike. Indeed the world is at a dangerous cross-road in its history.
For years Global Research has worked to alert our readers about the danger that humanity faces if a war is launched against the Iran. We have brought analyses forward from leading experts and world statesmen warning that the march to war be stopped before it is too late for all of us. We have worked to present alternative views and cutting edge news from around the world. Global Research has worked to give an international platform for those important voices that are ignored in the mainstream discourse that is supportive of the war agendas that have laid waste to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.
We have also brought forward an important book on the dangers of nuclear war that warns against a strike on Iran by our director, Professor Emeritus Michel Chossudovsky: Towards A World War III Scenario: The Dangers of a Nuclear War is an important total that no anti-war activist or person opposing a military strike against Iran should be without.
Global Research’s objects are to prevent such wars by spreading the word through truth and research. We want a much needed to debate to take place that the corporate media is avoiding. More than ever we rely on the support of our valued readers to spread the message and warnings against such a war. Global Research does not receive foundation money or any form of government or corporate support. This is how we maintain our independence and integrity. We need your support in whatever way you can provide it, whether it’s financial or through re-posting our material and articles on social media pages or on your blogs and forwarding them to your friends, family, and colleagues.

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