Here we have now an all-too-typical encapsulation of why the Israelis and Palestinians both badly need the civilized world to come in and help clean up their joint mess.
Mr. Bahour has no complaint whatever against anything the Palestinians have done. Mr. Bayer has no complaint whatever against anything the Israelis have done. Of course, both cannot be right, and the civilized world has long realized that in many ways both are wrong. But not in the same way.
Bahour’s humane appeal does not call for Israel to exist only under impossible preconditions, as Bayer’s more negative statement insists upon for a Palestinian state. Replace “Hamas” in Bayer’s regurgitated propaganda rant with “Stern Gang” and you could have argued against Israel ever becoming a state.
Neither one-sided position deserves the unquestioning support of the US Congress, but unfortunately, Bayer’s nastier bias effectively has such support. This is an outrage and must change, regardless of whether people in the Mideast can reconcile as Bahour hopes or never will as Bayer wittingly or unwittingly advocates.

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