Colombia: Hunger Protests Continue Amid Pandemic

Protests and blockades on 7th Avenue. Usaquen, Bogota, Colombia. April 30th.

With 8.3 million inhabitants, Colombia´s capital is the city with the highest infection rate.

Colombian protests continued due to the food crisis and lack of governmental help during COVID-19 outbreak across the South American country.

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In Ibague, several families demonstrated demanding humanitarian aid from Tolima’s Mayor Office, despite social isolation measures to prevent the virus from spreading. Furthermore, the Las Ferias neighborhood residents blocked a street entrance and burned tires to protest the situation. 

Las Feria’s inhabitants are requesting  support to palliate the severe situation they face due to lack of food and other basic supplies. After social isolation and quarantine enforcement, the less solvent citizens ceased work and as a consequence, lost regular incomes. They also said the government did not fulfill its promises and they await for nutritional kits delivery from the government.

For their part, La Florida residents also blocked the highway and demanded the promised help. “The government has abandoned them and no one’s looking after them. 


Nuevamente bloqueos en #Usaquen No llegan las ayudas humanitarias @Bogota @integracionbta @ClaudiaLopez @Jlopezconcejal @personeriabta @VeeduriaBogota @PoliciaColombia @CMILANOTICIA @Citytv @BogotaET @antetodoco24:30 PM – Apr 30, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacySee Horacio Estrada G’s other Tweets“Another blockade in Usaquen No humanitarian aid arrives “

In El Codito, the mayor affirmed her administration counts with enough resources but nothing has arrived for  the ones in need. As local news media reported, the residents confronted police with stones and sticks. Mobile Riot Squad dispersed the protesters. 

Other communities have pointed out they need government help, food aid, and supplies to comply with quarantine. With 8.3 million inhabitants, Colombia´s capital is the city with the highest infection rate.

Thus far, Colombia registered 6,211 positive cases, 278 deaths, and 1,411 recoveries from the COVID-19 virus.

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