Cleansing of Aleppo terrorism continued .. The terrorists killed in Hama


Declared an official source in the province of Aleppo, the information broadcast by certain channels for the control of malicious terrorists to the center of radio and television are unfounded,Adding that the competent authorities clashed with armed terrorist groups attempted to break into radio and television center and was able to kill large numbers of members of the group fled with the rest fled.

To that engaged the competent authorities with an armed terrorist group region of Khan honey west of the city of Aleppo and the resulting clash, killing and wounding large numbers of the terrorist group and the confiscation of weapons and ammunition in their possession, and in Hama raided the competent authorities in cooperation with the parents and the nest of terrorists neighborhood of forty and was able to the elimination of a number of them after an engagement with them and arrested others.

To that, the people of my neighborhood solidarity and Yarmouk television world that terrorist groups have committed a horrendous crime Street Maliki between solidarity and Yarmouk claimed the lives of about twenty people, asserting that the victims were kidnapped, who baptized their captors to kill them and dumping their bodies in a hole in one of the squares, and revealed that the parents of the terrorists who committed this horrible crime and terrorist Ahmed Swedan last surnamed Balsaadan, pointing out that the terrorists had filmed the bodies and there is a possibility that the claim that the dead were civilians, the Syrian Arab Army to kill them.

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