Class: The legacy of Asian American struggle

Asian American Activism: The Continuing Struggle

By Sheila Xiao and Rachel Hu 

In the most recent wave of anti-Asian attacks, from the shooting of six Asian spa workers in Atlanta to the police killings of Christian Hall and Angelo Quinto, Asian Americans are demanding that Asian American history is told. We want to draw on this revolutionary legacy and unite to fight back!

In this study series, Sheila Xiao of Pivot to Peace details the history of discrimination Asian Americans have faced. She dives deeper into the Tacoma method, massacres against Chinese Americans, yellow peril, Japanese internment, and more.

In the second half of this study, Rachel Hu of the ANSWER Coalition shares the history of radical organizing in the Asian American community. From Ir Wor Keun to the struggle to defend the I-hotel, Asian Americans have always fought back!

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