Clashes between Christians and Muslims in Egypt a Western plot


A prominent analyst warns about Israel’s intention to destabilize and break Egypt up into manageable pieces and how the latest clashes serve this interest.

Following the burning of a Christian church in Egypt and Molotov cocktails being thrown at security forces during a protest, which was met with a deadly response, Press TV talks with Mark Glenn, of the Crescent Cross and Solidarity Movement in Idaho about the timing of the violence when elections are due and how this only benefits the Zionist state of Israel.

He reminds readers of the overall strategy of the Zionists to create crisis between Christians and Muslims through covert means and that what we are seeing now is an example of that. Following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: What can you tell us about the clashes that are occurring in Egypt?

Mark Glenn: The first thing we have to ask is whether or not this is what it appears to be on the surface or whether there are interested parties that are deliberately fomenting this clash.

Not wanting to sound like a broken record, nevertheless, this old strategy of divide and conquer is something that Israel and her intelligence agents are constantly doing.

Let’s not forget about the fact that there has been several spy scandals that have erupted in Egypt within the last year involving Israeli spies who have been caught and arrested. This is exactly the kind of thing – the destabilization of Egypt and the breaking of it up into different sectarian regions is something that benefits only one entity in the region and that is Israel.

So, in my opinion what we see taking place right now has all of the fingerprints of some intelligence agency behind it. The first question we have to ask is who burned down the church recently? And with regards to the present clashes that are taking place – Who started throwing Molotov cocktails at the security forces that resulted in them firing live rounds on these demonstrators?

We have to ask these questions. We are not at the luxury anymore of just taking events like this at face value. We have to ask these questions whether or not there are interested parties who are deliberately fomenting these things in order to create an atmosphere of instability in Egypt.

Press TV: When you say fomenting a destabilizing atmosphere who would you say this is occurring against in Egypt?

Mark Glenn: It has been Israeli policy now going on for 30 years that eventually Egypt and the other Arab countries would need to be broken up into smaller factions and there was a policy paper that had been written on an official level entitled “Israel’s strategy in the Middle East for the 1980s” by Oded Yinon and one of the specific things he talked about in this policy paper – that was adopted by the Israeli government – was breaking Egypt up along sectarian lines between Christians and Muslims in order to make it easier to manage instead of one big large Arab country such as Egypt.

And everyone knows that Egypt is the powerhouse Arab country in the region. Instead of one large Arab country they would like to see it broken up into four or five smaller countries. This has been specifically discussed – creating a separate area of Egypt known as Coptic Egypt.

So, these events taking place right now would fit exactly in with what Israel and other Western intelligence agencies would like to see happen in the region, which is to break these countries up into smaller, easier to manage entities.

Press TV: Isn’t it odd that these protests are occurring right before the parliamentary elections coming up on November 28th?

Mark Glenn: Of course. As we said earlier – all of these things have the fingerprints of western intelligence services all over them. When things like this happen – particularly this close to parliamentary elections – we have to at least suspect that there are interested parties who want to make sure the ship of state is steered in a direction that is going to benefit western and Israeli foreign policy objectives.

And so who benefits from something like this at this time – a mere few weeks before these elections? Of course, again to create this air of instability and to basically get this new Egyptian government off with broken legs so that it cannot even function as a viable political entity, why not bring something like this into the picture.

Keep in mind something like this is very easy to orchestrate – all it takes is a gallon of gasoline and a few matches to burn a church down to anger the Christian community at a time when Christian Muslim relations are already strained in Egypt and then to have a protest where you have a few well-placed individuals who have been trained at causing mayhem and escalating violence to start throwing Molotov cocktails or rocks or whatever it may be.

And of course security forces who are already on edge – they have had a years’ worth of political and social upheaval – they’re already on edge so it’s very easy to have something like this take place – it doesn’t take a lot of planning or anything like that to bring something like this about. And again all of this is only going to benefit one interest in the region and of course that is Israel.

Press TV: The main focal point of the violence has occurred because the protesters want the downfall of Field Marshal Tantawi, the leader of SCAF. Where do you think that will come in play?

Mark Glenn: Well, we’re assuming of course that this is a genuine desire on the part of these Egyptian partisans. I’m not saying that it’s not; we just have to remember that in a situation like this, information is managed.

The real question that people and particularly people in the West should be asking is this – Why at this time? The ratio in Egypt you have 80 million people living in that country, 10 percent roughly of which are Christian – we’re talking about as many as 8 million Christians living in a mostly Muslim country – So why now? Why literally within just a few months do we see all of this upheaval taking place?

Of course the narrative that we receive in the West is that Christians and Muslims cannot get along and therefore they might as well just pick up their guns and their knives and go at each other and may the best man win. Of course, in the end there is only one entity that profits from this and it is Israel and her Zionist lobby throughout the world.

That’s the real question that has to be asked is – Why now? Why at this particularly period in history when Islam has been around for 1400 years do we see the Christians and Muslim’s fighting.

This is an artificial conflict that is taking place. It has been started and is being managed by a third party who is going to benefit from centuries of warring between the two singularly largest civilizations in the world – we’re talking about half the world’s population being encompassed within the Christian and Islamic world. There’s only one party going to benefit by these two civilizations wiping each other out and it is the Zionist entity.

So this is the real question that has to be asked…This is the filter through which all of this information has to be considered as we see these things taking place. It is an artificial conflict – the Christians and the Muslims are perfectly capable of living peacefully side by side with each other, they have for centuries.

This is an arson – a cultural arson of sorts. Somebody has shown up with a gallon of gasoline and some matches and has set this thing on fire in order to collect the insurance money that’s going to follow after it’s all over with and it’s the Jewish lobby worldwide – let’s just call it for what it is.

Christians and Muslims need to put down their guns and understand that they have everything in common with each other not the least of which are two vibrant civilizations as I said that make up half the world’s population. And that they have a common enemy that would love nothing more than to see them wipe each other out so that what’s left of the carcass the vultures can come in and pick clean.

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