CIA protecting someone by hiding JFK documents – RFK Jr.

The slain US president’s nephew called the Warren Commission investigation a “Kabuki theater”

CIA protecting someone by hiding JFK documents – RFK Jr.

File photo: John F Kennedy, US president from 1961-1963. ©  Universal History Archive / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

US spies involved in attacks on Cuba had the motive, means, and opportunity to assassinate President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963, and the subsequent investigation was a coverup run by an ex-CIA director, according to Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. 

The impetus for the assassination came from the group of agents involved in the Miami station of the CIA, RFK Jr. told independent journalist Tucker Carlson in an extensive interview posted on Twitter on Monday.

This group was “angry at my uncle for not sending air cover during the Bay of Pigs invasion, and even more so after the 1962 Cuban missile crisis,” Kennedy said. After JFK made a deal to defuse the nuclear crisis with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, he also “shut down all the Cuban attacks by Office 66 and these other groups that were harassing Cuba,” RFK Jr. added.

According to him, the CIA was working together with the mafia, which wanted to regain the casinos and other properties in Havana that were nationalized after Fidel Castro’s Communist revolution. 

JFK had wanted to separate the intelligence-gathering branch of the CIA from the planning division, RFK Jr. said, describing the latter as “the ones that assassinate people, fix elections, overthrow governments.” Before he could do so, he was assassinated during a visit to Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963.

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The Warren Commission found that Lee Harvey Oswald was the “lone gunman” who fatally shot the president. Oswald himself did not live to see trial, having been killed inside a police garage by local nightclub owner Jack Ruby, who also supposedly acted alone.

According to RFK Jr., the commission wasn’t really run by Justice Earl Warren, but by Allen Dulles, the long-running CIA chief that JFK had sacked in November 1961. The evidence was “overwhelming that the CIA was involved in the murder, and the coverup,” he said in a radio interview in May.

“The only guy who went to every meeting, and looked at every piece of evidence, and developed the questions for the witnesses, was Allen Dulles. He was running the entire Warren commission. And he should have been the prime suspect,” Kennedy told Carlson, accusing Dulles of secretly communicating with the CIA and J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI. “The whole thing was a coordinated, kind of, Kabuki theater,” he added.

In 1967, the CIA instructed its “Operation Mockingbird” assets in the American press, which RFK Jr. described as over 400 senior writers and editors, to dismiss any critics of the Warren Commission findings as “conspiracy theorists.” 

All of the documents related to the JFK assassination should have been declassified by 2017, but the CIA is still sitting on some 4,000 of them, RFK Jr. said, even though everyone involved has long since died.

“It’s a fair assumption they are not protecting individuals, that they’re protecting some institutional interest,” he told Carlson.

RFK Jr. is the son of Robert Francis ‘Bobby’ Kennedy, JFK’s brother and attorney general, who went on to become a US senator. He too was assassinated, during the 1968 presidential primaries. RFK Jr. is currently challenging fellow Democrat and incumbent president Joe Biden for the party’s presidential nomination. 

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