CIA agent Davis Linked to Taliban


by crescentandcross  

Documents show Raymond Davis, an American who killed two Pakistanis in Lahore in January, had links with CIA’s espionage and sabotage plans in the Asian country.
“The documents, photographs and the evidence that has come out from Davis’ sofa almost confirms his links with Taliban terrorism…the attacks on ISI and the security establishment as well as the drone attacks,” Pakistani defense analyst and security consultant Zaid Hamid said in an interview with Press TV’s US Desk on Saturday.
Hamid added that there is evidence confirming Davis has been a US undercover operative in Pakistan.
“With this kind of evidence the issue is not just the assassination of those two boys on the streets of Lahore but it is an indication of a much larger network of CIA espionage and sabotage inside Pakistan,” he said.
Earlier, US President Barack Obama urged Pakistan to free the US official saying he enjoys diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Convention.
However, under public pressure, Lahore High Court adjourned a decision on whether Davis had diplomatic immunity.
The court gave the foreign ministry more time to answer on whether full diplomatic status was held by Davis, who has been remanded in custody since his arrest following the incident on January 27.
Pakistani police have pressed charges of espionage against Davis, saying he is an employee of the notorious US security firm Xe/Blackwater, working in Pakistan under the cover of the so-called war on terror.

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