Chuck Hagel: “Palestine in Chains”


One of Us

Secretary of Defense and Likely New President

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The video below is the kind of straight talk Americans haven’t heard since the murder of John F. Kennedy, not from Americans at least.  For the staff here at Veterans Today, those who know war like Hegel does, real war, not ‘fatass Pentagon war” but the real thing, his clear language, the language the Times of Israel seems to hate is music to our ears.

Hagel is “one of us.”  He puts America first, not Wall Street or Tel Aviv.  He has survived the test, served among the serpents in congress and seems to retain his courage.
We will see.

The video has Hagel referring to Palestinians as “living in chains,” and explains that terrorism is a tactic to deliver freedom to those who have been denied it. Every real American knows that, we are a nation built on terrorism.

It is where our freedom comes from, just as Hagel describes terrorism as a way of delivering freedom.
It’s time more people carefully listened to his words.
America will survive no other way.
Thus far, we see Hagel as the only viable candidate for president in 2016.  A lot can happen between now and then, a lot of “Sandy Hook” terror attacks.
The American people have suffered the tyranny of organized crime long enough.
We would rather vote it in than “tear it down,” piece by piece but tear it down we will if it comes down to that. I only hope we have grown up enough to understand that our enemies are not of a race or religion or ethnicity, our enemies are not of a sexual preference or even an economic class.

We are down to simple “good v. bad.” The good will rule and the bad will leave or die. It will come down to that, anyone who doubts that has not been paying attention.

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