The prime minister of contract murder, Binyamin Netanyahu, was not long permitted to rejoice over the agreement to sanction Iran which he had wrested from the Russian leadership. A few days later, China made it clear that it would in no case help to carry out such sanctions. Consequently, Netanyahu believed it necessary to pay a visit to the Chinese leadership, in order to bring them on course through an Israeli word of command.
But the Chinese leadership did not even once want to see Netanyahu. So “Bibi” had to stay home. On Feb. 25, 2010, Israel sent a high-ranking government delegation to Beijing, including Vice Premier Moshe Yaalon, as well as the currency bank chief, Stanley Fischer, in order to move the Chinese leadership to hard sanctions against Iran.”
But the Israelis were snubbed once more. They were left standing on stage for not a single member of the government made himself available to them for discussions. This was how the vassal media rewrote the fiasco:
“The Israelis hoped to be able to meet during the two-day stay with the advisor of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Dai Bingguo.” The Israelis have become so modest that even a government advisor would have been enough for them, but even he would not do them the honor.
Let us revisit this dimension of the postponed New World Order one more time. “Bibi” believed he had to take the matter in hand himself because his foreign legionnaire Hillary Clinton, had already received a rebuff in matters of Iran sanctions. So the Israelis more or less invited themselves to Beijing but were again immediately diplomatically uninvited with the comment, “Well, if you absolutely want to come. . . . But we have no time for you.”
And so not even the advisor of the Foreign Ministry was available, let alone a minister. Moreover, a meeting with the head of the Chinese government was not to be considered. The Israelis had to be contented with a common official, in order to hear from him that China would take part in no hard sanctions against Iran:
“Beijing also backed out of a fourth round of attempted UN Security Council sanctions against Iran, even though Iran declared it would intensify nuclear development.”
After this declaration from Beijing, Russia also wanted to follow suit and give Israel a further blow to the pit of the stomach. The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated to Ria Novosti, “There is no evidence that Iran wants to manufacture atomic weapons.”
The foreign minister then made it clear once again that Russia supports Iran’s nuclear technology: “Lavrov confirmed Iran’s right to expand its nuclear program.”
With this announcement, the Russian foreign minister behaved brusquely a further time toward the U.S. government, since the misanthropic activities of the pro-Israel Hillary Clinton were delivered up to absurdity. It seems to have become noticeable everywhere in the world that Israel’s golem (the USA) is collapsing right into the dust. One recognizes especially well that this is so through Iranian self-confidence.
During a recent visit by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to his official colleague, Bashar al-Assad, in Damascus, the two of them made fun of Mrs. Clinton.
“Only a few days after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had attempted to loosen Syria from the alliance with Iran, Syrian President al-Assad received controversial Iranian President Ahmadinejad, and together they launched almost with pleasure into gestures of friendship.”
The downfall of Israeli/Zionist world power has become irreversible. The bungled murder of the Palestinian freedom fighter, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, on Jan. 19, 2010 in a hotel in Dubai, demonstrates that, also. The ostensibly best secret service in the world allows itself to be filmed by the hotel cameras during the murder and must look on as the identities of the murderers appear worldwide in the headlines with names and photographs.
Any killer on the street would have done it more cleverly and probably would not even have been discovered. The Israelis were so certain of being able to leave Dubai unrecognized only because up to now they could commit murder worldwide, without having to fear being exposed. They never had to take security precautions, since they enjoyed absolute operational freedom in every Western country, as well as in Arab vassal nations.
Naturally, they believed that bankrupt Dubai would also leave them alone because the sheikhs needed credit from the West in order to get out of the financial calamity into which the Emirate was pushed by Wall Street. That was a fatal miscalculation.
The above is translated by Peter Strahl from the German-language “News Journal” website.

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