China Just Made 4 HUGE Moves Against Muslims, Not Taking Any Chances


China Just Made 4 HUGE Moves Against Muslims, Not Taking Any Chances

In Xinjiang, China, where approximately half of the population is Muslim, communist leaders have decided to put four bans into effect for followers of the religion to protect citizens in the region in light of a rash of recent attacks, most notably in Paris, France, where there is also a sizable Muslim population.

According to Chinese news agency Xinhua, the region has banned the burqa in all public places, following France’s lead, who prohibited the female Islamic garb in April 2011. Belgium followed a short time later. It is unclear when the rule will take effect, but it has been approved by the Regional Legislator in Xinjiang.

Muslims in the area, referred to as “Uighurs,” insist that China is attempting to repress their religious and cultural freedom, but China claims the burqa is “not a national dress of Muslims” and justifies the ban since other countries have also made the move following public-security concerns. “Some people are wearing it not because of their religion but to act out their resentments against society,” Jiang Zhaoyong, a Beijing expert on ethnic affairs told the South China Morning Post.

Fear that Islamic fundamentalism could fuel an uprising of extremism and violence in Xinjiang, which borders Pakistan and Muslim countries in Central Asia, other moves against Muslim culture have been reported, including banning the tradition of fasting for Ramadan, as well as prohibiting men with long beards from taking public buses. Reports also note that on Saturday the province banned Internet content tied to religious extremism and terror.

China Just Made 4 HUGE Moves Against Muslims, Not Taking Any Chances

Hiding behind a beard and a burqa in public places poses a threat since their identity is easily concealed, along with the potential to hide weapons and other destructive devices. When attacks keep continuing with no end in sight, it’s time to take a stand against it to protect people, rather than sympathize with a religion that aims to kill people.

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