By: Teresinka  Pereira

Children dying in Gaz

did not have the privilege

to celebrate the 2012 new year
with their innocent laugh.
Their few days, months or years of life
were filled with darkness and fear,
tears and pain. Their blood fertilizes
the exact piece of land where 
they were born. Their land.
In my understanding, this war in gaza 
is not justified in any way by any side
Ican hear. It does not matter to me 
who is the landlord of the rich settlements,
or the poor houses
on the other side of the border.
Idon’t care either for who’s is paying
with the obligatory federal taxes for
the war arsenal. I consider criminals
and killers the people who arelaun
the missiles, who are selling and who are
buying these terrible weapons of death.
I condemn the hands that are taking
lives of innocent people on the both sides
of the border, although the unmber
of death in Gaza speaks for itself.
The life of a chiold worth more
than the whole land, more than
all ideologies and religions or 
politics of drawing new maps according
to the winners of any war.
Each child is the owner for liftime
was barred
of the land where she is born.
from certainty
about features

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