Child dies of Zio-Nazi gunshot wound



Four-year-old illegally resident of illegally occupied  Jerusalemite child died on Tuesday of a serious injury sustained more than five months ago at the hands of NAZI army soldiers.

Aseel Mahmoud Ara’ra was hit with a bullet in her neck while playing outside her home in Enata town to the north of illegally  occupied Jerusalem on 25/10/2011.

Aseel was taken to Makased hospital in illegally occupied Jerusalem then spent the last few months in Ramallah government hospital.

Aseel was playing near her family home South of Enata, near to NAZI Army Camp, when she was shot and her condition was described as critical since then.

The Ara’ra family called for an investigation into the incident after medical reports affirmed that she was hit with a machinegun bullet and not a handgun. The bullet hit her spinal cord and paralyzed her instantly and kept her in bed until she was pronounced dead on Tuesday.

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