Chicago’s First False Flag “Barack Attack”


By Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop CO


Speculation continues to build that the Obama administration and its Israel Lobby handlers will use the 25th NATO Summit to carry out a false flag attack, and according to a recent Canada Free Press article, the Department of Homeland Security intends to strong-arm Americans soon.

In his provocative May 8 story, The planned re-election of Obama, revolutionary style, Doug Hagmann reports that, according to an unnamed DHS source, the federal government is preparing for widespread civil turmoil before the fall elections, which it will use as a pretext for martial law and dictatorship.

Coming shortly before the NATO Summit, Hagmann’s information resonates. It wouldn’t be the first time a principled official informed the public about looming treason, thereby saving lives. The current Deep Throat should remind counter-false flag activists of another, whose warning to Chicago became a rallying point for diverse defenders.

Less than a month after the Obama inauguration the 9/11 Truth and Patriot movements were hoping that, under a new administration, there finally would be free speech about the abuses of King George and his Bush League, beginning with the truth about September 11, 2001.

On Feb 6, 2009 the newly installed president held a much-publicized meeting with 9/11 widow and “Jersey Girl” Beverly Eckert, along with dozens of USS Cole and 9/11 family members. All had lost a spouse or parent to “terrorism,” and they asked many incisive questions, although Obama provided few decisive answers. In the next six days, American glasnost became a short-lived reality. Senator Patrick Leahy demanded a “Truth Commission.” As if to accentuate the fact that kerosene won’t melt or demolish steel, the Mandarin Orange Hotel in downtown Beijing burned from top to bottom for 24 hours without falling, let alone collapsing neatly into its own footprint as did the Twin Towers and WTC-7. The gatekeeper Huffington Post, which had previously banned 9/11 “conspiracy theories,” published a two-part op-ed demanding a genuine investigation of the attacks.

Beverly Eckert met with Barack Obama on Feb 6, 2009 — and was dead six days later.

At 11:00, p.m. on Feb 12 a highly suspicious aviation disaster over New York State killed the same Beverly Eckert who had a week earlier threatened the American elite with the one thing they can never allow: the truth. An hour later Obama’s Congress posted the Stimulus Bill online. The next day, Friday the 13th, an alarmed House of Representatives voted in favor of legislation that it didn’t have the time to read. It was an alarming echo of the Patriot Act vote.

Many believed what Eckert and 48 other passengers had discovered the hard way: Obama could be as murderous as his tyrannical predecessor. Huff-Poand the rest of the limp Left immediately resumed their head-in-their-hole posture about the attacks of 2001. The more militant wing of the 9/11 Truth Movement mobilized, fearing that the next  9/11 might be close. It might even show that a “Nuclear Obama” could one-up a “King George” in mass murder.

Credible chatter from alarmed officials in the Chicago area convinced Ghost Troop that the new president and his Israeli chief of staff “Rahmbo” Emanuel might intend to nuke Sears Tower in the next few days. Major Bill Fox, my executive officer, and I hurriedly published a weekend bombshell:

Chicago False Flag? Analysis and Hypothesis

An alarming report about Chicago reached me Thursday, Feb 12: Inside source reveals FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago. After I listened to the brief audio part of the report, I found no reason to reject the identification of the speaker as an inside source. As for the particulars of disaster preparations, they are consistent with specific inside information I have been receiving since April/May 2006.

I will analyze the Chicago scenario more in an upcoming column. For the time being, I hope that concerned patriots will review this article and its links. Please forward it, especially to the Chicago area and its first responders. With further networking we shall assimilate and circulate information that the mainstream media withholds or distorts. The new Chicago information dovetails with the December 2008 article by Major William B. Fox, Chicago Cops Dodge Blagojevich/Sears Tower Investigation, about a successful effort by Internet activists to forestall a false flag attempt against the 110-story Sears Tower on May 3, 2006 (its 33rd anniversary), during NLE-06.,_captain_eric/ Mitchell

Over the weekend our article went viral, and on Sunday, Feb 15 Ghost Troop ally Theresa Mitchell, an astute political analyst who hosted Portland’s KBOO-FM political program, Presswatchwrote:

“Well, I know I said it before, but I think you saved our asses (at least for a while) against a Sears Tower demolition. I have little doubt the Mossad/neocon factions are plotting Plan B.”

She had “said it before” when NLE-07, which targeted Portland for a dirty bomb attack, collapsed on Oct 18, 2007. That harrowing day began with an amazed Mitchell broadcasting It pays to monitor terror exercises about a timely Ghost Troop alert to Southeast Texas, which had anticipated a Dow Chemical explosion that morning by four hours. The day nearly ended with a bang as Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff arrived: Bomb scare disrupts terrorism drill. Rumors circulated that Portland police officers had joined the counter-false flag effort, which would explain why they shut down the exercise.

As later events would demonstrate, Mitchell was right about the effectiveness of the Ghost Troop public affairs mission in Chicago. Operating in tandem with Internet activists, starting with those who provided and distributed the insider information, we led a successful cyber campaign.

When Obama signed the Stimulus Bill into law on Tuesday, Feb 17, it was supposed to be the highlight of his first year. He was treated as an abject failure, though, and for no small cause: He had botched the false flag operation against the Windy City, which explains why administration officials immediately began to say that it might take another stimulus program to finish the job:

Signing Stimulus, Obama Doesn’t Rule Out More

DENVER — President Obama has not ruled out a second stimulus package, his press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said on Tuesday, just before Mr. Obama signed his $787 billion recovery package into law with a statement that it would “set our economy on a firmer foundation.”

Just hours later, Yahoo! delivered a powerful kick in the pants to Barack, described but not explained in‘Obama bin Laden’ Error Hits Yahoo’s Homepage. The morning after a bizarre NY Post editorial cartoon of appeared, linking the Stimulus Bill to a dead chimpanzee, whom some wits began to refer to as “Obonzo.”The none-too-subtle message was:

“Boy, you’re nothing more than our chimp, and if you can’t do what we hired you to do, we’ll get rid of you and find another just like you.”

I challenge any media critics to give a more plausible explanation of this none-too-subtle racist threat by a Ruppert Murdoch paper against a new “savior” president in his honeymoon phase with the media. The worst-case scenario is all-too-often the truth, and such is the case with Barack Obama. The powers that be selected him to be president because they believed that he was capable of carrying out mass murder for hire, and their payment was the Stimulus Bill. This means that patriots who ask whether he would try to attack Chicago aren’t asking the right question, which should be whether he will try to attack Chicago AGAIN.

In Dec 2008, before Obama’s inauguration, Dr. Jim Fetzer, Major Bill Fox and I coauthored “Black Bush” Barack? False Flag Frankenstein?, which was read with outrage by many, some of whom demanded an apology. Considering the way things have turned out, I’m quite ready to apologize. I’m sorry for the article’s title, with its unnecessary quotation and question marks, and to atone for my mistake have renamed the Veterans Today edition more appropriately as Black Bush Barack: False Flag Frankenstein.

I extend my gratitude to my friend Abu Salem sofyan, Publisher of  Islamic Intelligence, for his invaluable help with research.

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